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Welcome! Here you can find out everything about traditional Mexican culture and everything else about The United Mexican States, commonly known as Mexico.

First thing you need to know is that there is much more to Mexico than Mexican mafia and Mexican food.

However the traditional Mexican foods are so good that we provided you with numerous traditional Mexican recipes. Of course a good meal is not complete without good Mexican drinks, and you should know that traditional Mexican drink is one of the best in the world.

Mexican War Of Independence – The Birth Of The Mexican Nation

The birth date of the modern Mexican nation is the September 16, 1810. On this day the Mexican hero Father Miguel Hidalgo declared the beginning of the Mexican war of Independence from Spanish rule. The war claimed many casualties but the people of Mexico were victorious and they won their freedom.

Therefore one of the most joyful Mexican national holidays is Mexican Independence Day (September 16, 1810) which is the day when Mexican war for independence started. This war lasted for 10 years (1810-1821) and, as it is said above, it resulted in Mexican victory and the expulsion of the Spanish colonial government.

The victory didn’t just bring independence to Mexicans but pride, unity and self-respect. This is why this Mexican national holiday is deeply rooted in every Mexican heart and celebrated with traditional Mexican dances, traditional Mexican music, traditional Mexican food and traditional Mexican costumes.

Mexican Celebrations And Traditions

It is very exiting to be in Mexico during Mexican national holidays because all of the Mexico is dancing, singing, smiling and celebrating. What is really striking is that even though Mexican history has been very challenging Mexican traditions are colorful and joyful as are Mexicans themselves.

Probably the best demonstrations of this are Mexican wedding traditions, Mexican Christmas traditions and Mexican holiday tradition in general. If you analyze Mexican traditions you will see that there is a lot of optimism, love, devotion and passion in the very core of traditional Mexican culture.

Mexican Wedding Traditions

Traditional Mexican wedding is a beautiful display of the traditional Mexican culture, beliefs and customs. One of the most interesting Mexican wedding traditions is called the 13 gold coins. On the wedding day at the end of the wedding ceremony the groom gives his bride 13 gold coins which represent all of his material belonging.

By giving her this small fortune he is showing her his unconditional trust and love. In return, by accepting the 13 gold coins the bride is promising to take good care of her beloved husband and his belongings.

This Mexican wedding tradition is underlining how much the trust and honesty is important in marriage and that even though love is necessary for the fulfilling marriage it is not enough.

Mexican Food Culture – Traditional Mexican Recipes

Even if you don’t know anything about the traditional Mexican culture you most definitely know something about the Mexican food. This is because Mexican food is very popular around the world due to its long tradition, great taste, healthy ingredients and numerous spices and flavors.

Traditional Mexican food is low on fat and calories but at the same time very rich on vitamins and minerals. Mexican food is very good for you and your loved ones which is why you should explore the traditional Mexican cuisine.

Important thing to note is that the Americanized Mexican food like the famous and delicious Tex-Mex food is usually rich in fat and calories. In other words, it is quite different than the traditional Mexican foods.

This is why we provide you with many authentic and traditional Mexican recipes that you can choose from in order to enrich your diet and eat healthier.

Traditional Mexican Clothing

A side from the healthy and tasteful food, Mexico is famous for its colorful, comfortable, beautiful, macho and practical traditional clothing.

Some of the most popular traditional Mexican clothes are: the Mexican peasant dress, the traditional Mexican wedding dress, Mexican peasant blouse, the Rebozo, the Sombrero, Mexican Baja Jacket, Poncho, Huarache, etc.

Traditional Mexican clothes have been, and still are the inspiration to the modern Mexican and world clothing designers. The result of this is the very high popularity of the traditional – modern Mexican clothing in the world. So much so that there is a very big chance that you have a peace of clothing in your closet that is actually Mexican.

Mexican Pride and Passion

Mexicans are very proud and passionate people. This is because they have rich but also painful history and very challenging present. Mexicans constantly have significant problems to overcome and they face many injustices, everything from the discrimination in the United States to the domestic drug-related violence in their home land.

The main reason why the Mexicans are so proud people is because they survived and grew even stronger despite overwhelming challenges that were, and still are, in front of them.

The passion of the present Mexican men can best be seen during the important Mexican sports events; for example during the Mexican soccer match. On the other side Mexican women passion is evident when they dance to a Mexican guitar. On this subject one Mexican poet said: “I need but woman and guitar to harvest the internal happiness”.

Probably the best representative of Mexican people's passion is the old Mexican saying “Where fire was ashes remain” meaning where there was love there is always some left.

Traditional Mexican Sayings

Very important and profound part of Mexican culture is Mexican sayings. Many things can be learned about Mexican people from Mexican proverbs and sayings.

“El muerto al pozo y el vivo al gozo” – “To the dead internment and to the living enjoyment”. This literally means to stop mourning the dead and keep on living. Also stop dwelling on the bad things in your life and focus on all the good things that God have given you. Count your blessings.

Mexican Religion

Mexicans are religious people and devoted to God and family. Interesting thing about Mexican religion is that since the Constitution of 1917 Mexico has no official religion even though close to 95% of Mexicans is Christian.

The importance of Christianity in Mexican culture is best represented by the fact that the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared in 1531 A.D. in today’s Mexico City) was the first Mexican flag and has an important role in the present flag of Mexico. The influence of Christianity in Mexico can also been seen through Mexican art in all its forms. From Mexican paintings and poetry to Mexican architecture, designs and Mexican tattoos.

Mexican tattoos – Mexican Gang Tattoos

Tattoos are very popular in Mexico due to the fact that tattoos have been part of the traditional Mexican culture for very long time. Interesting thing is that Mexican gangs use the religious symbols very often as their signature tattoos as well as the symbol of the Aztec religion and achievements like the Aztec calendar.

A side from the Mexican gang tattoos which are very popular among the Mexican gang members and the Mexican and Mexican American teenagers there are many types of Mexican tattoos that are popular among the ordinary Mexican and Mexican American citizens. Some of those tattoos include the names of the loved ones, Mexican pride tattoos, Mexican religious (not gang related) tattoos, and so on.

As conclusion to this introduction to Mexico and Mexican people it should be emphasized that Mexicans are traditional but sophisticated, proud but humble, passionate but peaceful and maybe most importantly they are openhearted.

Traditional Mexican Culture is rich and interesting and as you will see there is a lot to explore from traditional Mexican clothing, food, and drinks to traditional Mexican games, costumes, dances and much more. Of course our approach to Mexico is holistic thus you can find out everything about Mexico and Mexican culture right here. Welcome again and Viva Mexico!

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