Famous Mexican Actors

Famous Mexican Actors

Some of The Most Famous Mexican Actors

Danny Trejo is one of the most famous tough guys in the World.

He is a great Mexican American actor, famous for playing bad guys in many Hollywood hits such as Desperado, From Dusk Till dawn, Con Air, and many others.

What is really inspiring about Danny is his life story.

Even though he is truly a tough guy (has committed various crimes, was addicted to drugs and spent many years in prison) he managed to overcome the drug addiction, to completely rehabilitate and become a productive member of the society; and what is most amazing he has a good heart despite all the bad things that had happened to him.

His acting is natural, honest and direct which is why the audience loves him so much. He has many fans around the World and is a role model for many young Mexicans and Mexican Americans.

Eduardo Verastegui (born in 1974, in Mexico) is one of the most famous Mexican actors, and is very popular in Hollywood and beyond. This great looking Mexican model is a very talented actor and a singer as well. Some of his movies are: Chasing Papi, Meet Me in Miami, Bella, etc.

Gabriel Soto (born in 1975 in Mexico City, Mexico) is the king of Mexican soap operas (Telenovelas). He is officially one of the most handsome Mexican actors and has millions of female fans in all of the Latin America and Unites States.

Gael Garcia Bernal (born in 1978 in Guadalajara, Mexico) is a very smart, intelligent and talented Mexican actor and director, and definitely the future of Mexican and World film. Some of the great movies he played in are: Y Tu Mama Tambien, Amores Perros, Babel, El Crimen Del Padre Amaro, The Motorcycle Diaries, etc.

Mark Tacher (born in 1977, in Mexico City, Mexico) is a good looking, well educated, multitalented and well-rounded polyglot that is a very passionate actor and musician. Even thought he is a very good guitarist he is most famous for great performance in Mexican soap operas (Telenovelas).

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