Games To Play At Mexican Fiesta

Games To Play At Mexican Fiesta

What games to play at Mexican fiesta?

Great traditional and educational Mexican children games are:

Searching for the Aztec gold, breaking the piata, Toma Todo, La Loteria, Discovering the Mesoamerica before Columbus did, Mexican hat dance for children, Mexican train dominoes, stealing the sombrero, etc.

Adults can also play all the games numbered above as well as the Mexican games for adults: Chili pepper contest, the fastest 3 tequila shots, who killed Pancho Villa, Mexican hat dance to the last chair, Adelitas vs Mariachi, etc.

There are many other Mexican games for adults however the most entertaining are the Chili pepper contest, Adelitas vs Mariachi and Mexican mystery games like who killed Pancho Villa.

Of course, the adults usually love to drink, and they are more than whiling to participate in the drinking games however it is not a lot of fun having drunk guests all around the house.

Drinking games are for the college parties and the Spring break because getting drunk and puking all around can only be fun to immature young people that just became free from the parental terror.

Anyways, there are plenty other Mexican games for adults that dont involve drinking alcohol and that your guests would enjoy very much.

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