Meaning of Mexican Flag

Meaning of Mexican Flag

About the Meaning of Mexican Flag

The Mexican flag is the rectangle divided into three identical (vertical) stripes that are colored in the following order, from left to right: green, white and red. The Mexican National Coat of Arms is placed in the center of the white stripe.

Meaning of the colors has changed over time due to the very dynamic and turbulent Mexican History.

Mexico become an independent country in 1821 which is the same time when the first Mexican Empire was established as well as the first (official) Mexican flag and the national colors of green, white and red.

At that time the Mexican flag colors represented: GreenIndependence, WhiteReligion and RedUnion.

In 1823 the Mexican republic was established and the Flag of the Mexican Republic was designed and adopted. This is also when the meaning of the Mexican flag colors changed: GreenHope, WhitePurity and RedReligion.

On June 19th 1867, after the abolishment of the Second Mexican Empire and the reestablishment of the Mexican Republic, the Flag of the Mexican Republic was readopted and the meaning of the colors changed once more: GreenHope, WhiteUnion and RedBlood of Heroes.

The Mexican Coat of Arms

The main features of the Mexican Coat of Arms are the Aztec eagle (standing in side-facing position and holding a curved serpent in its beak and the right talon), cactus (on which the eagle is standing on), lake and the rock (on which the cactus is situated on) and the branch of oak and the laurel branches.

The inspiration for the Mexican Coat Of Arms was an ancient Aztec legend. In short, Aztecs gods told the Aztec to build a city in the spot where they see an eagle and serpent. The Aztecs honored their gods whish and build the city which is present Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.

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