Mexican Celebrities

Mexican Celebrities

Great Mexican Celebrities

The most popular celebrities in Mexico are the singers, actors and models.

Other celebrities in Mexico are the great Mexican musicians such as the guitar wizardCarlos Santana, very talented Mexican film producers, and directors like Guillermo del Toro Gomez, passionate Mexican politicians such as Enrique Pena Nieto, successful Mexican businessmen like Jorge Kahwagi, great Mexican sportsmen (especially soccer players) such as Nery Castillo, Omar Bravo and many others.

Mexican Female Celebrities

Some of the most famous Mexican female celebrities are Salma Hayek, Ninel Conde, Barbara Mori, Anahi, Lorena Herrera, Patricia Manterola, Shelly Martinez, Adriana Fonseca, Alejandra Guzman, Galilea Montijo, Kate Del Castillo, Kitten Natividad, Altair Jarabo, Ana de la Reguera, Aracely Arambula, Dulce Maria, Paulina Rubio, Belinda Peregrin, etc.

All these female Mexican celebrities have few things in common. First is that they are all beautiful and sexy. Second is that all of them are either singers, actresses or both. In fact most of them are singers and actresses and even models at the same time.

Yes, Mexican female celebrities are multitalented and beautiful which makes them almost superhuman. Therefore if a superwoman exists she is most likely to be Mexican!

Take for example the famous Mexican actressSalma Hayek who is not only a very talented and one of the hottest Hollywood actresses but she is also a film director, producer and human right activist. Oh yeah, and in 2008 Entertainment Weekly named her as one of the smartest people in TV.

Mexican Male Celebrities

Some of the most famous Mexican male celebrities are: Eduardo Verastegui, Carlos Coy (South Park Mexican, Vicente Fernandez, Victor Noriega, Pedro Infante, Luis Miguel, Gabriel Soto, Aaron Diaz, Juan Gabriel, Ramon Ayala, Alejandro Fernandez, Frankie J, Chalino Sanchez, Cristian Castro, Pablo Montero, Joan Sebastian, etc.

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