Mexican Fiesta Costume

Mexican Fiesta Costume

Mexican Fiesta Costume I Cant Forget

It was the September 16th, Mexican Independence Day which is one of the most important Mexican holidays.

According to the Mexican holiday tradition there is always traditional Mexican music, great Mexican food, authentic Mexican drinks (such as Tequila), fireworks, and beautiful Mexican girls wearing traditional Mexican costumes for dancing.

And there she was, the most beautiful Mexican girl I have ever seen. No, she was the most beautiful girl of all girls that I have seen in my life. She was not just hot Mexican girl or wild Mexican girl, she was gorgeous and most exiting dream that a man can have.

Only, she wasnt a dream. She was real and I saw her with my eyes, held her in my hands, and kissed her with my lips. I felt her like no other girl before and lost her on that very night forever.

I remember as if it was yesterday (it happened 5 years ago) when I saw her dancing barefoot in the street. She was wearing Mexican fiesta costume with bright colors; her hair was long, beautiful and wild.

She was dancing like there was no tomorrow. Her beautiful female body was like a sculpture that God himself curved, her face was hypnotizing gorgeous, her dancing was elegant, seductive, and irresistible.

It was impossible to not look at her, which is why every man in her surroundings, including me, was watching nothing but her. We all wanted the same thing.

We wanted her! However nobody had enough courage to approach her, or nobody wanted to interrupt her dancing. Either way I decided that there was no time to be wasted and I started moving towards her.

At the very moment when I made the first step towards her she looked at me for the first time, right in the eye, and it was as if she said common boy, dont be afraid. That boosted my self-confidence and in no time my arms were around her perfect waist.

We were dancing, touching and kissing for hours without saying one single ward. Then at one moment, only for a second or two, I turned around and she was gone. As if she disappeared in thin air.

Now, the only thing I have left are very few memories and many what ifs.

Life goes on

I guess

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