Mexican Poems

Mexican Poems

Traditional Mexican Poems

Big part of the traditional Mexican culture is the Mexican poetry.

Mexicans are very emotional and they feel life with every part of their body. Of course wherever there are a lot of emotions there is a big need to express them, and one of the ways that Mexicans express their emotions is through the poetry.

If you would like to learn about the traditional Mexican culture and Mexican way of living and customs, or if you would like to explore the depths of the Mexican passion the perfect way to do so is by reading the poems of the famous Mexican poets like the winner of the 1990 Nobel Prize for LiteratureOctavio Paz.

Of course there are many other great Mexican writers and poets and some of them are: Pita Amor, Francisco Azuela, Carlos Graham, Fabio Morabito, Amado Nervo, Salvador Novo, David Huerta, Renato Leduc, Coral Bracho, Elsa Cross, Malva Flores, Pedro Garfias, Julio Torri, Justp Sierra, Gabriela Brimmer, Luis, Maria Martinez, etc.

Mexican poems can be categorized in more than one way. However, the best way is to categorize them in the categories that are most important to the Mexican people.

For example: Mexican love poems, Mexican pride poems, Mexican culture poems, Mexican funny poems, Mexican religious poems, Mexican friendship poems, Mexican Christmas poems, etc.

Mexicans also have poems about the celebrations, death, Mexican flag, war, food Even the Mexican gangs have their own poems. In fact some Mexican gang poems and Mexican gangster poems are very popular among the Mexican youth.

There are also poems on Mexican immigration, Mexican cession, Mexican revolution, Mexican Independence, etc.

As you can see Mexicans have poems about every single aspect of their lives which is why you can learn a lot about the Mexican culture and Mexican way of living by reading the Mexican poetry.

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