Mexican Slang Words

About Mexican Slang Words

Knowing Mexican slang words is quite important if you plan on going to Mexico and socialize with ordinary Mexicans.

In other words if you really want to get to know Mexico you should not go to some remote and isolated vacation resort but rather you should go and meet ordinary Mexicans and truly experience what life really looks like in Mexico.

In order to accomplish this you need to know some Spanish. Your Spanish doesn’t need to be perfect however if you want to even be able to understand what are common Mexicans saying in many occasions you need to know some of the Mexican slang words.

One thing you should know about Mexican slang is that there are many slang words that are, like in other countries, quite vulgar and explicit. In our list of Mexican street Spanish words we will number only some of them and the most frequent ones.

A List of Mexican Slang Words

  • Simon: yes
  • Que tal: what’s up
  • Jefe: father
  • Jefa: mother
  • Lana: money
  • Padre: awesome, cool
  • Orale: right on, all right, ok, go for it
  • hijole: oh my god! Wow!
  • Cuate: buddy
  • Chido: cool, nice
  • Estar pedo: to be drunk
  • Carnal: brother
  • Guey: dude
  • Fresa: rich kid
  • Buena onda: good vibe
  • Ahorita: right now
  • Caer bien: to like a person
  • Naco: the one that has the money but no class
  • Gabo: white person
  • Mamacita: a very attractive woman (a hot girl)
  • Codo: cheapskate
  • Pasarla chido: having a blast
  • Estirar la pata: to kick the bucket
  • Tipo: a guy
  • Pinche: damned
  • Cagar: to scold
  • Chavala: chick
  • Pendejo: an idiot, jerk (vulgar)
  • Facilona: an easy girl
  • Estar crudo(a): to have an hangover
  • Culo: ass, butt (vulgar)
  • Carbon: bastard (very vulgar insult)
  • Puta: slut (very vulgar insult)
  • Revisar los interiors: to have sex
  • Mijo: sonny
  • Me vale madre: I don’t give a damn
  • Como ves: what do you think about it
  • Pinche: fucking (vulgar)
  • Chingar: to ruin, rob, fuck, work, eat, screw (vulgar)
  • Guero: a person with white skin or light (blond) hair

    Now that you know some of the most frequent Mexican slang words use them wisely and don’t abuse them. There is nothing good in insulting someone or being insulted.

    Remember that words are very powerful and that they can make you feel very good or they can make you feel angry, sad, not loved and miserable. Even physical pain, which is very stressful for the body, is easily forgotten than the emotional pain caused by the heavy and offensive words.

    Therefore always choose your words wisely when talking to someone because you don’t want to be the one inflicting the unnecessary pain to others, even if they did it to you. The reason for this is simple if you want to be part of the solution and not the part of the problem you need to be in control over your feelings and by doing so you will be in control over what you are saying.

    In conclusion, just as there are virtually numerous slang words in any country in the world there are numerous Mexican slang words in Mexico and outside of Mexico, especially in the south part of the United States. This is why it is impossible to number them all however there are books that are dedicated just to this subject and if you are interested you can find them on line easily.


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