Mexican Slang

Mexican Slang

Mexican Slang Language

Since the great majority of Mexicans speak Spanish, even though there are 62 Indigenous languages that are recognized as national languages of Mexico, the most used and popular Mexican slang words are in Spanish.

If you are planning on taking the trip to Mexico or you just met an interesting Mexican guy or a girl you should learn some of the slag words if you want to impress him or her.

One advice though, there is no need for you to use the offensive and impolite slang words in order to be cool and interesting. However, you should know the meaning of those words so that you know what is being said around you or even to you.

Mexican Street Spanish Words

  • Que tal: whats up
  • Mamacita: a very attractive girl
  • Pasarla chido: having a blast
  • Tipo: a guy
  • Guey: dude
  • Caer bien: to like a person
  • Chavala: chick
  • Jefe: father
  • Jefa: mother
  • Simon: yes
  • Chido: cool, nice
  • Mijo: sonny
  • Padre: awesome, cool
  • Buena onda: good vibe
  • Carnal: brother
  • hijole: oh my god! Wow!
  • Codo: cheapskate
  • Carbon: bastard (very vulgar insult)
  • Culo: ass, butt (vulgar)
  • Revisar los interiors: to have sex
  • Pinche: fucking (vulgar)
  • Estar crudo(a): to have an hangover
  • Pinche: damned
  • Naco: the one that has the money but no class
  • Me vale madre: I dont give a damn
  • Pendejo: an idiot, jerk (vulgar)
  • Estirar la pata: to kick the bucket
  • Guero: a person with white skin or light (blond) hair
  • Como ves: what do you think about it
  • Cagar: to scold

    Use these slang words to be cool and interesting, to make friends, to impress dates and successfully socialize with others. Dont abuse them because there is nothing macho and honorable in hurting someone.

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