Traditional Mexican Recipes

Traditional Mexican Recipes

Information on Traditional Mexican Recipes

Traditional Mexican recipes have been around for many centuries.

The fact that they survived so many years and are still very popular inside and outside of Mexico is the best representative of their quality.

Traditional Mexican food is very healthy and different from the Mexican food that is prepared and served in the United States and Europe. In fact, Mexican food in the U.S has a special name (Tex-Mex) and is very rich in fat and calories which is not the case with the authentic Mexican food.

Authentic Mexican food is rich in fresh ingredients, especially vegetables. The best evidence of this are numerous Mexican Salsa Recipes as well as the Mexican Salads that are very popular in Mexico and beyond.

There are many Mexican salads that make a tasteful, fresh and healthy meal. Examples of these great Mexican salads are: Black Bean-Corn Salad, Mayan Crab Salad, Mexican Caesar Salad, Grilled Fajitas Salad, Carnitas Salad, Avocado-Tomato Salad, Seafood Salad and so on.

Mexican Taco Salad doesnt need to be rich in calories and fat, which is the case with the Taco salad based on red meat such as beef. Authentic Mexican Taco salads can be made with turkey, chicken or they can be vegetarian.

Mexico is one of the best places on the Earth for the vegetarians due to the many kinds of vegetarian foods that is prepared and enjoyed across the Mexico. Aside from great Mexican vegetarian salads there are many other types of traditional Mexican foods that are vegetarian as well.

Of course people that love meat and animal products wont be disappointed if they come to Mexico. This is because Mexican cuisine is very diverse and has to offer almost every type of food that exists, including the exotic food such as rattlesnake or ants eggs, meat-based dishes, seafood, salads, cakes, cookies and so on.

Due to the long history of Mexican food Mexicans had a lot of time to improve and enrich their recipes. One particular thing that they have found is that fresh food ingredients that are freshly prepared result in very tasteful meal. Of course these kinds of meals, a side from tasting great, are also very healthy.

If you want to eat healthy but also tasteful food you should definitely take the advantage of our many free traditional Mexican recipes such as the Mexican Chicken Recipes because the chicken meet is much healthier than any red meet such as beef, pork or even sheep.

When the chicken was introduced to Mexicans by the Spanish colonist they incorporated it into their cuisine and produced some of the best chicken based meals in the world.

The evidence of this is the Mexican Chicken Casserole that is enjoyed in the United States, European Union and many other countries in the World.

Rice is another food that is introduced to Mexican people by the Spanish at the begging of the 16th century. Mexicans incorporated rice into their cuisine which is rich in spices and other ingredients and the result is world-famous Mexican Rice.

Mexican rice recipes as well as other traditional Mexican recipes have very high demand which is the best representative of the quality and popularity of Mexican food worldwide.

In conclusion, Traditional Mexican cuisine is very unique, tasteful and healthy which are all the great reasons for you to try it and share it with your loved ones.

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