Authentic Mexican Costumes

Authentic Mexican Costumes

Authentic Mexican Costumes Are So Much Fun!

Few weeks ago my girlfriend, who is Mexican American and hot as only Mexican girls can be, asked me to go to the some kind of costume party.

I’m not a biggest fan of costumes and don’t really like to go throughout the city dressed up like some phony action hero. But as I was saying, Alexandra is so hot and beautiful that I can’t say no to her. I mean, it must be some kind of sin to say “no” to the beautiful girl like that.

I know what you are thinking, and you are most likely right to think that but I am just powerless when it comes to her perfect face, beautiful body, sexy lips, long legs… Oh my God, I’m going crazy!

Anyways, I had no idea what costume to wear because I have never been to a costume party before.

Of course I wanted to look cool. But what costume is cool?

I talked to all my friends and no body really helped. Then I went online and stumbled upon you site which was the best thing that could have happened to me at that time.

First I learned some very cool facts about Mexican history. Then I read everything about great Mexican leaders, warriors, and heroes and finally I knew exactly what costume I was going to wear to the costume party.

The very next day I ordered one of the authentic Mexican costumes I saw on the Internet.It was the costume of Pancho Villa, the Mexican revolutionary leader.

In few days the perfect Mexican revolutionary costume was in my apartment and I became the awesome Mexican revolutionary general. The costume was so good that is demanded the respect and admiration.

Wearing that costume was totally new experience for me. In a way, I felt like a different person; somehow stronger and overloaded with self-confidence.

Needless to say, Alexandra was the hottest girl at the party, dressed up as the school girl; and I was her general!

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