Coloring Mexican Flag

Coloring Mexican Flag

Coloring Mexican Flag is Fun!

Im parent of two very modern kids. I say modern because they know everything about the computers, cameras, cell phones, video games and everything else there is no know about the technology.

I know that I made a big mistake by allowing them to spend so much time exploring the new technologies but at the time I didnt know better.

Anyways, recently I realized that my children didnt know the basic things about the Mexican culture despite the fact that they are Mexican Americans.

This made me think about the best way for them to learn something about the Mexican culture which is why I looked for the help on line and got the idea from your site about the coloring the Mexican flag and making the learning process fun.

My kids are 9 and 10 years old and it turned out that they love to color and that we had great time coloring the Mexican flag. Of course in the process I told them about the most important things about the Mexico and Mexican culture and they loved it.

We had quality time together and it was educational for all of us. What more can parent ask for?

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Mexican Culture

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