Famous Mexican Artists

Famous Mexican Artists

List of Famous Mexican Artists

There are many Mexican artists that have contributed greatly to the Mexican art and traditional Mexican culture, as well as to the World art and culture.

Some of those artists are:

Frida Kahlo (19071954)

A few days before she died she wrote in her diary:

I hope that the exit is joyful and never to return

If the pain and suffering is the main inspiration for artists than Frida Kahlo had more than enough inspiration to paint every single corner of the World.

Her life was painful, filled with suffering (physical and mental). Maybe that is why she painted very intense and beautiful paintings and is remembered as great Mexican painter.

Frida was married to Diego Rivera, famous Mexican muralist and painter, who loved her more than anything. However, love wasnt enough for happiness. The fact is that they didnt have a happy marriage. They had numerous affairs, and their life together was very turbulent.

The day that Frida died was most tragic day of my life I had realized too late that that the most wonderful thing in my life has been my love for her

Diego Rivera (1886-1957)one of the most famous Mexican artists of all times, painter, muralist, and Frida Kahlos husband.

Rodolfo Morales (1925-2001)Mexican surrealist painter, famous for dreamy brightly colored canvases, restorations of historical buildings and for having a big altruistic heart.

Francisco Toledo (1940 -)one of the most famous Mexican graphic artists of all times. A side from being a great artist he is also very committed to the cultural development of his home state.

Gilberto Aceves Navarro (1931 -)famous Mexican painter.

Manuel Lepe Macedo (1936-1984)even though he was never formally trained as an artist he painted very beautiful and inspiring paintings.

Jose Clemente Orozco (1883-1949)great Mexican painter and muralist.

Juan OGorman (1905-1982)famous Mexican painter and architect.

Feliciano Bejar (1920-2007)Mexican painter and sculptor.

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