Famous Mexican Musicians

Famous Mexican Musicians

List of Famous Mexican Musicians

Mexico is the land of music and dance.

There is no Mexican that doesnt know how to dance or that doesnt enjoy listening good traditional Mexican music and songs.

Some of the greatest Mexican musicians are:

  • Carlos SantanaSantana is a rock musician and guitar wizard, and one of the most famous Mexican American musicians of all times. The way he is playing his guitar is truly unique, and it is just awesome to listen to him play.

    Carlos Santana won many prestige awards, such as Grammy Awards, and is one of the most popular guitarists in the World. In fact, the Rolling Stone ranked Santana number 15 on their list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.

  • Eduardo Hernndez Moncada (1899 - 1995) was a famous Mexican pianist and composer. He composed music throughout his life and played the piano with great passion.

    Some of his most famous works are: Symphony I, Symphony II, Funeral March, Guelatao (orchestral music); Elena (opera); Endless Voyage, Ermesinda (ballets); Si me Viera Don Porfirio, Deseada, El Desquite (film), etc.

  • Miguel Bernal Jimnez (19101956) was a famous Mexican composer, organist and musicologist. He made great contributions to the Mexican nationalist music movement and Mexican religious music.

    The most famous works of Miguel Jimenez are: Ave Gratia Plena, Por el Valle de las Rosas, Los Tres Galanes de Juana, Noche en Morelia, La Virgen que Forjo una Patria, El Himno de los Bosques, Sinfonia Hidalgo, Misa Guadalupana Juandieguito, Sinfonia Poema Mexico, etc.

    Other famous Mexican musicians are: Hernando Franco , Francisco Araiza , Manuel M. Ponce , Carlos Miguel Prieto , Chalino Sanchez , Angela Peralta , Cristian Castro , Julin Carrillo, Jorge Mester, Juventino Rosas, Silvestre Revueltas, Jos Pablo Moncayo, Francisco Lpez Capillas, Horacio Franco, Enrique Diemecke, Conlon Nancarrow, Manuel de Zumaya, Luis Herrera de la Fuente, etc.

    Famous Mexican Musicians
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