Famous Mexican People

Famous Mexican People

Great and Famous Mexican People

The most famous Mexicans are Mexican celebrities like Mexican singers, actors, actresses, models, sportsmen (especially soccer players and boxers), and others alike.

Famous Mexican singers are: Cristian Castro, Paulina Rubio, Alejandro Fernandez, Belinda Peregrin, Ana Barbara, Adolfo Angel, Ninel Conde, Lorena Herrera, Victor Noriega, Diego Luna, Eduardo Verastegui, Mariana Seoane, Frankie J, Patricia Manterola, Luis Miguel, Carlos Coy (South Park Mexican), etc.

Famous Mexican actresses are: Salma Hayek, Aracely Arambula, Anahi, Dulce Maria, Kate Del Castillo, Daniela Lujan, Kitten Natividad, Barbara Mori, Ana Talancon, Anette Michel, Danna Paula, Galilea Montijo, etc.

Of course there are many famous Mexicans that are not in show business however even though they are famous and respected they cannot be called Mexican celebrities because, in a way, those famous Mexicans such as the winners of the Nobel Prize are above the flashy celebrity status.

Some of the most famous Mexican People that are not a part of show business are:

  • Father Miguel HidalgoThe leader of the Mexican independence war.

  • Pancho VilaThe famous Mexican revolutionary leader.

  • Emiliano ZapataMexican revolutionary leader and politician.

  • Frida KahloMexican painter

  • Max Cetto - An architect, historian and great intellectual and educator.

  • Gelsen Gasan inventor, a film director and producer, sculptor, painter, actor and poet.

  • Octavio PazThe Nobel Prize winner for literature.

  • Luis E. MarimontesA co-inventor of the contraceptive pill.

  • Mario MolinaThe Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry.

  • Jacob BekensteinGreat physicist who contributed to, among other things, the foundation of black hole thermodynamics.

  • Luis Herrera EstrellaA molecular biologist that had made great contributions to the development of genetically engineered plants.

    A side from the famous Mexicans numbered above; there are many others that made great contributions to the Mexican and World culture and science.

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