Illegal Mexican Immigrants - Reasons why Mexican immigrants come to U.S.

Illegal Mexican Immigrants - Reasons why Mexican immigrants come to U.S.

Illegal Mexican Immigrants - Why Mexican Immigrants Came To America

Dear Mexican Crew,

Lets be perfectly honest nobody loves the uninvited quests that insist on staying in your house, eating your food, sleeping on your couch, drinking your morning coffee and imposing their rules.

Im an ordinary American that minds his own business, but I dont understand how am I supposed to be fine with the fact that the part of my country that I live in (the southern U.S. States) are becoming less American each day and more Mexican.

Im not saying that American is better than Mexican or the vice versa, Im just saying that the two cultures are very different, including the language, customs, and life style; and that since Im an American I prefer the American way.

I mean, hopefully I dont need to apologize for having an American dream instead of the Mexican dream or for my preference of the English over the Spanish language.

Im not a hardcore nationalist or a chauvinist but I love my country and the way it is. I would never harm someone just because he belongs to some other ethnic group because that is not right nor American.

We Americans are open-minded and openhearted but enough is enough.

Every day hundreds of illegal Mexican Immigrants cross the Mexican American border, and if that doesnt come to an end this part of the United States will be more Mexican than American in 20 years.

Im not saying that we didnt have it coming (I know everything about the Mexican Cession and the injustices that were done to Mexico by U.S.A, as well as the governments projects which had the goal of cleansing the United States from Mexicans and even the Mexican Americas; also, there is never-ending discrimination against the illegal Mexican immigrants as well as the legal Mexican immigrants, and even the Mexican Americans) however I am saying that Im not happy about the fact that if I want my grandchildren to grow up as Americans and not Mexicans I would most probably have to move north.

Maybe we live in their house that we have occupied in 1848 and maybe its their couch we sleep on and the food that we eat, but what are we supposed to do now?

It seems to me that only some radical reforms can stop Mexican immigrants cross the border illegally and that the Mexican American border wall is only a first and a very modest step to accomplish that.

However, I believe that the radical reforms are not truly democratic or in some cases even humane.

My questions to you and all of your visitors are:

1.Why Mexican immigrants come to the U.S?

2.Is it really so much better here than in Mexico?

3.Why the Mexican immigrants are not whiling to learn English and become American if it is better to be an American instead of Mexican, and if its better to live in the United States than in Mexico?

4.What is the number of illegal Mexican immigrants in a year?

5.How to prevent Mexican immigrants to cross the American Mexican border illegally?

6.In how many years the territories that United States took from Mexico in 1848 (the act of Mexican Cession) will be reclaimed by Mexico or will declare the Independence from the United States?

James from San Diego, California

Dear James,

It is obvious that you are not a nationalist but a true patriot that loves his country.

It is also quite indicative that you are well informed about the Mexican American war, Mexican Cession, discrimination against Mexicans and Mexican Americans in the United States, and that you are well aware of the constant demographic change of the Southern American States.

Therefore, we will try not to talk about the things that you already know and we will do our best to answer all of your questions.

Reasons Why Mexican Immigrants Come To The U.S.

  • The Mexican economy has always been unstable and the unemployment rate as well as the inflation rate has been and still is much higher than the one in the United States.

  • Those people that do have a job are paid much less than they would be paid in the United States for the same job.

  • Certain parts of Mexico are very difficult to live in due to the drug relater violence and other criminal activities.

  • On the other side one of the main reasons why the illegal Mexican immigrants come to the United States is the U.S. addiction to cheap labor.

    The big ugly truth is that the United States actually supports the illegal immigration because its local (if not the entire) economy depends on the illegal cheap labor.

    For example, if you had a magic stick and you are to make all of the illegal immigrants disappear from the United States do you know what the consequence of that would be?

    Millions of Americans would loose their jobs, hundreds of thousands of businesses would go bankrupt, and tens of millions of Americans would be forced to spend much more money for the services that are now provided by the illegal Mexican immigrants.

    In other words, that would be a major blow to the American economy because the Mexican immigrants help the U.S. economy.

    Finally, nobody is whiling to pay extra if they dont have to, including you, us and everybody else.

    Is it better to live in the United States or in Mexico?

    This is really a massive question that can be answered from many aspects. However, in order to keep it simple we will focus solely on the financial aspect of the question.

    There is no country like the United States when it comes to the possibility of making money and getting rich. After all, making a lot of money is one of the main parts of the American dream which many Americans have made come true.

    Therefore, from the financial point of view and the possibility of the financial success the United States is definitely better place to live in, which is the main motivation of the illegal Mexican immigrants to leave everything behind and risk their lives to cross the Mexican American border.

    Literacy And Mexican Immigrants

    Illegal Mexican immigrants are often illiterate in English language because there is no need for them to learn English in order to a part of the society.

    Their jobs dont require the language skills and there are plenty people that speak Spanish in the South of the United States which is why they dont have problems getting groceries, going to the movies, or doing any other social activities.

    In other words, they can get along just fine without English language and they are not motivated to learn English in any way.

    Number of Illegal Mexican Immigrants in a Year

    First thing you should know is this question and other question alike (e.g. how many Mexican immigrants are in the U.S. 2010) is impossible to answer with precision.

    However, that being said, the number of illegal Mexican immigrants in a year is somewhere between 40 000 and 80 000 people.

    The Measures of Preventing the Crossing of the American Mexican Border

    There are many ways to try to do this however the best thing is to cure the United States from the addiction of cheap labor, thus minimizing the high demand of illegal immigrants.

    Every other measure can only be partially successful including the American Mexican border wall and law legislation.

    Finally, your last question we understand more as a comment and remark than as a question and we find it interesting and provocative which is why we will let our visitors answer it before we do.

    In any event, the subject of the illegal Mexican immigrants is very serious and multidimensional which means that the quick fix and simple solutions dont exist. However, that doesnt mean that there is no solution.

    Illegal Mexican Immigrants - Reasons why Mexican immigrants come to U.S.

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