Image of Mexican Flag

Image of Mexican Flag

Great Image of Mexican Flag

Image of the Mexican Flag resides in every Mexican heart.

I learned many interesting things about Mexico and Mexican way of living while being in Mexico, but one of the most interesting is how much Mexicans love their flag and everything that it represents.

In Mexico images of the Mexican flag can be found in all different kinds of placed (usual and unusual).

Mexico is famous for the monumental flags which are truly amazing and memorable.

Those flags are places across the Mexico and in the most important places that became even more important due to the greatness of the monumental flags.

Mexicans even have the holiday which is dedicated to the Mexican flag and the civil oath which every Mexican knows by heart.

Also, one of the most popular Mexican pride tattoos is the Mexican flag tattoo.

Interestingly enough, the Mexican flag is not only popular among the Mexicans living in Mexico but also among the Mexican Americas who even though love the U.S. respect and love the Mexican flag as well.

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Mexican Culture

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