Kinds of Foods Mexicans Eat

Kinds of Foods Mexicans Eat

What Kinds of Foods Mexicans Eat?

Mexicans eat many kinds of foods including:

the exotic foods such as the iguanas, rattlesnake and ants eggs; traditional Mexican foods such as the tortillas, salsas, Mexican rice, chicken based dishes, seafood, avocado, papaya, corn-based dishes and beef-based dishes; Tex-Mex food which is the Americanized Mexican food primarily found in the United States and in some northern Mexican states that border the U.S.

Mexican cuisine is very diverse and it varies by the region. For example the Northern Mexico is famous for its red-meat industry and its goat and beef based dishes.

The Southern Mexicos cuisine is famous for its spices and chicken based dishes; and the seafood is very popular in all Mexican states that border the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Traditional Mexican foods are very rich in vitamins and minerals and they are with low fat and calories. The reason for this is that traditional Mexican foods are freshly prepared using freshly harvested vegetables, which is not the case with the Americanized Mexican food known as Tex-Mex food.

This is why people from the United States that visit Mexico are almost always surprised with the kinds of foods Mexican eat because it is nothing like the Mexican food in the U.S.

Big part of Mexican cuisine is corn and rice. For many centuries Mexicans have used corn for making the bread, tortillas, salsas, salads and even drinks. Mexican rice is world-famous and enjoyed in many countries as great Mexican specialty.

Corn and rice are very healthy foods and the fact that they are so much used in the Mexican cuisine is one of the reasons why the traditional Mexican food is very healthy and good for you and your loved ones.

Kinds of Foods Mexicans Eat

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