Mexican American Religion

Mexican American Religion

Information on Mexican American Religion

Mexican Americans are very religious people and religion plays an important role in their lives.

Many things in everyday lives of Mexican Americans revolve around religion, including religious holidays such as Christmas or Day of the Dead, Sunday family dinners, regular visits to the church, humanitarian work, etc.

Great majority of Mexican Americans are Roman Catholics (around 90%). Others are Evangelists, Jehovahs Witnesses, Muslims, Buddhists, etc.

Even though there are Mexican Americans that are not Christians it should be emphasized that there are many more Mexican Americans that are Protestants such as those that fallow the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints than those that are Muslims, Jewish or Buddhists.

Therefore since more than 95% of Mexican Americans are Christians most of them celebrate Christmas, Easter and other Christian holydays. In fact one of the things that makes Mexican Americans religion unique are the Mexican American Christmas traditions which are very family and community oriented.

Traditionally the whole neighborhood takes part in the Posada (Mexican American Christmas Tradition) and everybody enjoys this celebration including children and the adults.

The Posada, which is the event when family members, friends and neighbors act out the night when St. Joseph and Virgin Marry were looking for lodging, is designed in such a way to bring together the family, friends and the entire community.

This is one of the main reasons why Mexican American Christmas traditions are unique, worm, special and practiced by millions of Mexican Americans across the United States, from the bordering states such as Texas and California to northern states such as Illinois (Chicago).

It is well known that Americans in general are quite religious and that religion (God) plays an important role in American society.

Mexican Americans are probably one of the most religious groups of Americans. This however doesnt mean that they are fundamentalists but ardent believers that are devoted to their religion and its way of living.

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