Mexican Americans

Mexican Americans

Facts on the Mexican Americans

Who are they?

They are Americans of Mexican descent and they account for more than 13% of the United States population (around 40 million of Americans listed their ancestry as Mexican as of 2007).

What race are the Americans of Mexican descents?

Around 50% of Mex-Americans self-indentify as white. Other 50% self-indentify as some other race such as Mestizo (European/Mesoamerican Indian)around 45%, black 0.8%, etc.What language do they speak?

They speak English and Spanish. There are the Mexican American communities in the United States where English is not in use. However, on the other side there are many Americans of Mexican descent that speak only English.

What is their religion?

They are predominantly Catholics. Christianity has always been a very important part of the traditional Mexican culture which is why it is also important in the Mexican American culture.

Are they discriminated against?

Yes, throughout their history they have been discriminated against in many ways. But they survived and even grew stronger and prouder.

What are they like?

They tend to enjoy life as much as possible. They love music, dancing, good food and everything else that makes this life enjoyable and tasteful.

Family is very important to them and they have many and regular family reunions. They have very close family ties which gives them solid and strong social support.

In conclusion, the Americans of the Mexican descent are optimistic, hardworking, proud, trustworthy, traditional, brave, stubborn, passionate, religious and family oriented.

Mexican Americans

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