Mexican Antique FurnitureThe Influence Of Mexican Furniture On Common People

Mexican Antique FurnitureThe Influence Of Mexican Furniture On Common People

Mexican Antique Furniture Instead of describing the Mexican furniture to you as well as its high quality, durability and beauty we decided to share one unusual e-mail that we received from one of our visitors.

I am a big fan of rustic and antique furniture from around the world. I have been fortunate to be able to visit many countries and buy diverse and beautiful antique furniture from all continents. However, I always felt as if something was missing.

Few years ago I visited Mexico for the first time and felt in love with the Mexican culture, customs, authentic food and above all the amassing and exotic Mexican rustic furniture that makes the modest peasant homes look so beautiful, warm and cozy.

It is well known that majority of Mexicans dont have a lot of money but despite that fact they are one of the happiest people on the planet. I tried to understand how that is possible, and I came to one conclusionthey need nothing but life.

You see, I need a beautiful woman in my bed, a fast car in my garage, Armani suit, gold watch and ridiculously expensive antique furniture to feel good about myself. In other words, Im looking for my happiness in the superficial things and I havent found it yet.

Anyways, this article is about Mexican antique furniture and not my pathetic existence which is why I will finish my confession by saying that Mexico and its artistic furniture opened my eyes and made me look deep into myself.

I am proud to say that I didnt buy any peace of antique furniture since my first trip to Mexico and that there is much more to life than collecting the rustic and antique furniture.

On the other hand, I have to admit that the Mexican antique country style furniture is truly inspiring and that the bedroom looks so warm and loving with the traditional old wood Mexican bed and armoires.

Of course, no matter how amassing the whole wood antique Mexican bed may be it is nothing when comparing it to the beautiful Mexican women.

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