Mexican Artists

Mexican Artists

Great Mexican Artists

Mexican culture is very rich and diverse. Mexico is the country of many different languages, religions, colors, opinions, challenges and beliefs.

However one of the things that are uniting Mexico is the great Mexican art that comes in many different forms.

Some of the great Mexican painters are: Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo, Radolfo Morales, Gunther Gerzso Wendland, Julio Galan, Jose Baray, etc.

Frida Kahlo was original, passionate, but above all honest Mexican painter. She used her joy and pain as an inspiration for her paintings. She is the most famous for her self-portraits and she painted them very frequently. Kahlo painted many self-portraits because (as she said) she is the person she knows the best.

Frida had quite turbulent private life and she was an active communist supporter. Frida believed that everybody should be equal and that the worst type of government is the one that centralizes the power and makes small number of people rich while the majority is poor.

Frida Kahlos husband, Diego Rivera, was also a very famous Mexican painter and muralist. Diego painted many great murals and probably the most famous is the one he painted in the lobby of the Rockefeller Building.

Together Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera were great couple and one of the most famous Mexican celebrities at the time. Frida was a very talented painter, smart woman, politically active, and quite eccentric. These Fridas qualities made her a Mexican celebrity and much respected Mexican artist.

A side from great Mexican painters and muralists there are many other artists such as the very inventive Mexican architects, famous Mexican comic book artists and many other types of distinguished artists in between.

Some of them are very famous Mexican celebrities as Frida Kahlo was in her time, but some others are living far a way from the cameras and are committed only to their art.

Mexican Artists

Mexican Culture

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