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Mexican Christmas Eve

Fascinating Event To Talk About

According to the Mexican tradition the most delightful commemoration of the journey to the birth of the Jesus Christ is referred to as the remarkable buildup to Christmas Eve.

The commemoration of the events in the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem starts on the 16th of December.

The event of the Mexican Christmas Eve takes off as follows:

Each day after dark, the proceeding begins, being led by two children carrying the replicas of Joseph and Mary riding a horse.

The rest of the crowd will be carrying caring lights in form of candles singing inspirational songs to the two virgins as they heard towards to the house of lodging for Mary.

The occupants of the house must resist them but accepts as they learn who their guests are.

During the time of refreshments and dancing, a well decorated pottery container full of candy and toys will be hung from the ceiling or a tree.

As an attempt to break the container, children are asked one by one to strike the container with a stick. Really it might not be easy to strike it meaning they will circulate a countable number of times before the container is broken.

When stricken, they refer the explosion as the explosion of the goodies.

When the night of delivery arrives, Virgin Mary will be told that the desired night has just arrived.

To resemble the sheep very young children dressed as shepherds stand on either side of the delivery scene as other members kneel and sing until Jesus Christ is in Arms.

The birth will them be announced at midnight with the breaking of fireworks, ringing bells and blowing whistles. Then the masses will gather to receive him.

Thereafter masses and families return back to their homes for a marvelous dinner of traditional food as acceptable by the Mexicans.


Mexican Christmas Eve