Mexican Costumes

Mexican Costumes

About Mexican Costumes

Mexico is a very diverse country with long, exciting, dynamic and rich history.

All this facts add up to numerous Mexican male and female costumes that are not only colorful, interesting and fun, but (in many cases) represent brave, noble, extraordinary and courageous individuals; or the clothes of ordinary Mexican people during the certain poque in Mexican history.

Traditional Mexican Male Costumes

There are many authentic Mexican male costumes and some of them are: Mariachi costumes, Mexican wrestling costumes, Mexican dance costumes, Aztec costumes, Mexican army costumes, Mexican Banditos costumes, Mexican Zorro costumes, Mexican revolution costumes, Mexican poncho costumes, etc.

Zorro Costume

Don Diego de la Vega (Zorro) is (during the day) rich noble man, but at night he puts his black mask on and becomes an outlaw who defends ordinary people against corrupted officials and all kinds of villains.

If you would like to be this charming and powerful hero you would need: a black mask of Zorro, black boots, black trousers, black cape, black shirt, and a black hat. Of course you would also need weapons, and not just any weapons but a sward and a bullwhip.

Mexican Revolution Costume (Pancho Vila, Emilio Zapata, etc)

If you would like to look like famous Mexican revolutionary leaders you would need: long black trousers decorated with traditional Mexican trims, black shoes, a long sleeve shirt, a red poncho, a red sash, a sombrero, two plastic revolvers and a bullet-belt.

Traditional Mexican Female Costumes

Just as there are many Mexican costumes for men there are also many, if not more, Mexican female costumes. Some of them are: Adelita costume, Mexican peasant girl costume, fancy dress costume, Mexican bandita costume, women mariachi costumes, Lady Zorro costumes, Mexican Indian costumes, Mexican dance costumes, Mexican senorita costumes, etc.

Mexican Peasant Girl Costume

The Mexican peasant girl costume consists of the traditional Mexican dress called the Boho dress or Mexican peasant dress.

This dress has loose fit, short sleeves, and colorful embroidery. It is usually white but it can also be in ant other color. If you dont have a Mexican peasant dress or any other dress that looks like it, you can use a short sleeve shirt and a long skirt instead.

In order for your Mexican peasant girl costume to be complete you would need low heel shoes and the rebozo.

Adelita CostumeMexican Revolution Heroine

To be a stunning, beautiful, brave, sexy and desirable Mexican heroine you would need the Mexican short sleeve shirt, a long skirt, black boots, bullet belt, and a holster and a plastic revolver.

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