Mexican Culture Seminar

Mexican Culture Seminar

Introduction to Mexican Culture Seminar

Greetings to all fans of Mexican culture!

Mexican culture is very rich and complex, which is why it is so interesting to explore it.

Great majority of Mexicans are Christians and they speak Spanish. However, there are millions of Mexicans that speak one of the 62 officially recognized indigenous languages that have been spoken in Mexico for much longer period of time than the Spanish language is.

Also, there are millions of Mexicans (between 6 and 9 million) that are not Christians. Some of them practice ancient Aztec or Mayan religion, others are Jewish, Muslims, Buddhists, etc, and of course there are those that proclaim themselves as atheists.

Religious and other civil liberties are guaranteed to all Mexican citizens by the Mexican 1917 Constitution.

No matter if they are Christians, Muslims or Jewish all Mexicans are proud of their Aztec and Mayan heritage. The reason for this is that a big, and important, part of traditional Mexican culture (and the Mexican national identity) are the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations, cultures and customs.

For example very important and popular religious holiday in Mexico is the Day of the Dead. This Mexican holiday is one of many direct links of the modern Mexico and ancient civilizations that once ruled the pre-Columbian Mesoamerica (nowadays Mexico).

Mexican art is greatly influenced by the ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures. Even the Mexican tattoo art is filled with Aztec and Mayan symbolism.

Most of the Mexican pride tattoos are actually the tattoos of the Aztec and Mayan religious symbols such as the Aztec Sun god, or the images of those cultures significant achievements such as the Aztec calendar.

Maybe the most important thing you should know about traditional Mexican culture is the Mexican family culture and customs.

Mexicans are very family oriented which is the reason why in a traditional Mexican family everybody is respected and protected. Mexican men are very protective over their daughters, sisters, wives and mothers but at the same time they treat them with respect and kindness.

Regular family reunions are one of the trademarks of the traditional Mexican culture as well as the famous Mexican fiestas and everlasting Mexican passion for living life to its fullest.

Mexican Culture Seminar

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Mexican Culture

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