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Mexican dresses and costumes

Mexico is a very diverse country with long, exciting, dynamic and rich history.

All this facts add up to numerous Mexican male and female costumes that are not only colorful, interesting and fun, but (in many cases) represent brave, noble, extraordinary and courageous individuals; or the clothes of ordinary Mexican people during the certain "poque" in Mexican history.

There are many types of Mexican dresses including the Mexican traditional dresses, modern dresses, Mexican peasant dresses, dance dresses, embroidered dresses, Mexican wedding dresses, and many others.

Traditional Mexican clothing is very popular in Mexico and even beyond the Mexican borders, especially in the United States.

Also, nowadays there is a new type of Mexican clothing which is the mixture of the traditional and modern Mexican apparel.

Probably the most exploited and experimented peace of Mexican clothing is the dresses. Therefore, it is quite usual to see a modern Mexican prom dress with traditional Mexican embroidery or the Mexican peasant dress with modern long see-through sleeves.

In other words the only thing that limits the revolution of the Mexican dresses is the human imagination.


Traditional Mexican Clothing


Authentic Mexican Costumes Are So Much Fun!

Few weeks ago my girlfriend, who is Mexican American and hot as only Mexican girls can be, asked me to go to the some kind of costume party.

I’m not a biggest fan of costumes and don’t really like to go throughout the city dressed up like some phony action hero. But as I was saying, Alexandra is so hot and beautiful that I can’t say no to her. I mean, it must be some kind of sin to say “no” to the beautiful girl like that.

I know what you are thinking, and you are most likely right to think that but I am just powerless when it comes to her perfect face, beautiful body, sexy lips, long legs… Oh my God, I’m going crazy!

Anyways, I had no idea what costume to wear because I have never been to a costume party before.

Of course I wanted to look cool. But what costume is cool?

I talked to all my friends and no body really helped. Then I went online and stumbled upon you site which was the best thing that could have happened to me at that time.

First I learned some very cool facts about Mexican history. Then I read everything about great Mexican leaders, warriors, and heroes and finally I knew exactly what costume I was going to wear to the costume party.

The very next day I ordered one of the authentic Mexican costumes I saw on the Internet. It was the costume of Pancho Villa, the Mexican revolutionary leader.

In few days the perfect Mexican revolutionary costume was in my apartment and I became the awesome Mexican revolutionary general. The costume was so good that is demanded the respect and admiration.

Wearing that costume was totally new experience for me. In a way, I felt like a different person; somehow stronger and overloaded with self-confidence.

Needless to say, Alexandra was the hottest girl at the party, dressed up as the school girl; and I was her general!


Traditional Mexican Clothing

One of the greatest and most colorful representatives of traditional Mexican culture is traditional Mexican clothing that endured and survived many centuries.

Of course in Mexican cities and other industrialized parts of Mexico it is difficult to see most of the authentic Mexican clothing due to the globalization and the inevitable process of modernization and change.

However, if you visit the rural parts of Mexico you would see that typical Mexican clothing is still around to be seen.

Mexican villages are a true monument to traditional Mexican culture. This is because many of them preserved the Mexican holyday traditions, traditional Mexican music, dances and games, as well as Mexican wedding traditions, traditional Mexican foods and of course authentic Mexican clothing.

General description of traditional Mexican clothing would be that it is very vivid, colorful, comfortable, beautiful and practical.

This is why Mexican clothing is popular around the world.

Mexican Outfits

Traditional Mexican clothing is colorful, comfortable, unique and very interesting.

Mexican cloths, in general, are very comfortable because they are primarily made with cotton, wool and other natural and comfortable materials.

Even everyday Mexican clothing is very interesting and fun to wear. Take for example the Mexican peasant dress, also known as the China Dress and Mexican folk dress, which is characterized with loose fit, short sleeves and colorful embroidery.

Its loose fit makes it very comfortable to wear and its beautiful and colorful embroidery makes this Mexican dress very feminine and gentle.

The sombrero (traditional Mexican hat), which is a trademark of traditional Mexican clothing, is very popular in Mexico because it provides very good protection from the sun, due to its large brim.

Another interesting everyday Mexican garment is the Rebozo which is rectangular in shape and looks like a big scarf. The Rebozo is traditionally used by Mexican women to carry children, groceries or anything else that can be carried in that way.

The Rebozo is also used by the middle and upper class in Mexico. Ladies of the upper and middle class carry this traditional Mexican garment as the scarf or just as the ornament.

In fact most of the authentic Mexican outfits are carried by all of the social classes in Mexico but for different purposes.

For example peasant Mexican women wear the Rebozos for practical reasons whereas the Mexican upper class ladies wear it only as the ornament.

Also, the "peasant" rebozo costs a couple of dollars whereas the "upper class" rebozo can cost a couple of hundreds of dollars.

Unfortunately, due to the globalization there are less and less opportunities to see the traditionally dressed Mexicans in Mexico, except during the Mexican fiestas and celebrations such as the Mexican Independence Day.


For Women



Most popular Mexican women garments are: Mexican peasant dress, The Huipil (Mexican peasant blouse), the Rebozo, etc.

Mexican clothing for women is colorful, comfortable and practical which are only some of the reasons women love Mexican clothing. The secret of the traditional Mexican clothing for women may not be reviled for some time, or even never, but its effects are quite obvious. This clothing is emphasizing all the best about the woman and it is suited for any women's figure.

The loose fit of this Mexican dress makes it very comfortable for wearing, which is the main reason why many girls and women love to wear this dress on daily basis. They wear it at home, or when they go to the beach or just when going out for a walk, and so on.

This dress is great for almost any casual occasion, especially during the summer and warm days in general.

Other reason why Mexican dress is a mandatory in any female closet is that it has this beautiful and very uniquely colored embroidery. This embroidery is very feminine and gentle and makes any women feel sensual and young.

Mexican peasant dress also known as Boho dress, The China Poblana, Puebla dress, and Mexican folk dress is a long dress with loose fit, short sleeves, and beautiful traditional Mexican embroidery. Mexican peasant dress is traditionally made with cotton and it can be in any color. However, the white color with the embroidery in red, yellow, green or blue is most common. Take for example the Mexican peasant dress, also known as the Puebla dress, which is a very beautiful but simple Mexican folk dress. The main features of the Mexican peasant dress are: colorful and beautiful embroidery, loose fit, short sleeves and, if the dress is authentic Mexican, it is made with 100% cotton.

The Huipil - Mexican peasant blouse is another popular Mexican garment for women that is not only popular in Mexico but beyond its borders as well.

This traditional Mexican blouse can be best described as sleeveless tunic. Usually it is made with cotton, linen or wool and it is very comfortable, practical, and attractive at the same time.

The Rebozo can be described as a very large shawl or scarf. It is rectangular in shape and varies in size from 1 to 3m in length.

Men love to see women in traditional Mexican clothing which is probably one of the main reasons why this type of clothing is so popular, not only in Mexico, but also in other countries such as the United States and Europe.

For Men

Authentic Mexican clothing for men includes Mexican men pants, shirts, Mexican poncho, sombrero, sash, etc.

The guayabera shirts, also knows as Mexican wedding shirts come in many different colors and shapes. These shirts are casual and elegant at the same time and very comfortable to wear.Sombrero is traditional Mexican hat with large brim and it is one of the trademarks of Mexico.

The simplest way to describe Mexican poncho is as Mexican serape blanket with a head opening in the center.

Authentic Mexican Serape Costume

Mexican Serape Costume


The serape is a long rectangular blanket with an opening in the middle for one's head.

It is worn mostly by Mexican men and it is one of the most famous trademarks of traditional Mexican clothing culture.

If you would like to look macho, and as the authentic Mexican at the next costume party you want to go to, you would need few things.

First you need to find the serape. If you don't feel like buying or renting the serape you can always make it.

You would need an old colorful blanket and a hole in the middle of it. We are sure that you are more than capable of making a right hole (head opening) in the middle of the blanket and that further instructions are not needed.

Next, you would need the traditional Mexican hat with the large brim called the Sombrero.

Don't try making the sombrero because it won't work. You would most likely end up looking like a beat-up male witch and we assume that you don't want that.

Therefore don't be cheep and rent or buy the authentic Mexican sombrero.

Once you have the serape and the sombrero your Mexican serape costume is ready for the party. Of course there are many accessories that would make you look even more Mexican and macho.

Remember the more macho you look, the bigger chances are that you are not going home alone but with some hot Mexican girl; and as you know there is nothing as hot as hot Mexican women.

If you are looking to impress some Mexican girl there is no better way than to put on the authentic Mexican macho costume on and to learn few key words in Spanish.

What are those words?

If you don't know that yourself maybe you should stay home for now.



A perfect example of traditional Mexican unisex clothing is Mexican Baja Jacket which is a hooded jacket sweater with a single large pocket on the front.

Mexican Baja Jacket is very popular in Mexico, United States and in many other countries in the world. In fact, it is one of the most transcendental garments in the world.

The Puebla Dress

Puebla Dress


One of the most popular traditional Mexican women's garments is the Mexican peasant dress also known as the Puebla dress, Boho dress, Mexican folk dress, the China Poblana, etc.

Yes, this dress has numerous synonyms which can be confusing however whenever something has many synonyms it means that it is important to the people that created them; and the Puebla dress is important to Mexicans because it is an important part of their tradition and culture.

The Mexican peasant dress has been around for many centuries and it is still used today. Even though the most common color of the Puebla dress is white, you can find this dress in almost every color known to mankind.

The main features of the Boho dress are: loose fit, short sleeves, beautiful and colorful embroidery and, if it is authentic Mexican, it is made with 100% cotton which means that is very comfortable, practical and attractive.

The Huipil

Mexican peasant blouse known as the Huipil is made with cotton, linen or wool and it can be best described as sleeveless tunic. There are various types of Mexican tunics. They differ in shape, length and width and of course there are numerous designs. The Huipil is a Mayan traditional blouse and one of many things, from the indigenous civilizations, that is a part of traditional Mexican culture. Mexicans are very proud of their origin and in fact the Mayan and the Aztec clothing is considered Mexican pride clothing in nowadays Mexico.

The Rebozo

The Rebozo is rectangular in shape and it can be described as big scarf or shawl that varies in size from 1m to 3m in length. However, it is important to note that even though Rebozo can be described as big scarf, it is not a scarf because it has multiple applications.

For example Rebozo is used by many Mexican women to carry their children or to take groceries or other products to the market.

There are many types and even more designs of Ribozo and its price can range from a couple of dollars to few hundreds dollars. All social and economic classes of Mexican society use the Ribozo however they use it for different purposes.

The upper and middle class uses it as a scarf or just as ornament whereas the peasants use it for many things some of which are numbered above.


The Quechquemitl is one of the trademarks of Mexicans and one of the best examples of traditional Mexican clothing. It can be best described as shoulder cape or as the garment that has a center opening for the head to pass through.

Peasant Dress

Mexican peasant dress is definitely the most popular traditional dress in Latin America. This practical, simple and very comfortable dress with loose fit, short sleeves and colorful embroidery is one of the greatest symbols of traditional Mexican culture.

Prom Dresses

If you wish to look unique and beautiful at your prom night than the Mexican prom dress is your best choice because these dresses are colorful, elegant and truly memorable.

Mexican Dancing Dresses

If you like to dance to the hot Mexican music than you definitely need one of the hot Mexican dancing dresses for your next night out.

There are many types of Mexican dancing dresses including the short, tight, long, lose, wild, traditional, modern, and so on. In other words, no matter what your stile is you will find the right dancing dress among the Mexican dancing dresses.

Wedding Dresses

More and more young Mexican American women wish to have a traditional Mexican wedding. This means the traditional Mexican wedding ceremony, authentic Mexican food, music and drinks at the reception, and of course the traditional Mexican wedding clothing.

There are two main types of Mexican wedding dresses: the traditional Mexican wedding dresses and the modern (European-American) Mexican wedding dresses. The main differences between these two types are the cut, color and the embroidery.

The traditional Mexican wedding dress looks like the luxurious Mexican peasant dress whereas the modern Mexican dress looks very much like the European-American wedding gown.

Embroidered Dresses

Most of the traditional dresses from Mexico are embroidered however the Mexican modern dresses are made according to the Global fashion trends; in other words without the embroidery.

This is unfortunate because one of the things that makes the Mexican clothing so unique and beautiful is the beautiful Mexican embroidery.


Traditional Mexican Costumes

Male Costumes

There are many authentic Mexican male costumes and some of them are: Mariachi, Mexican wrestling, Mexican dance, Aztec, Mexican army, Mexican "Banditos", Zorro, Mexican revolution, poncho, etc.

Zorro Costume

Don Diego de la Vega (Zorro) is (during the day) rich noble man, but at night he puts his black mask on and becomes an outlaw who defends ordinary people against corrupted officials and all kinds of villains.

If you would like to be this charming and powerful hero you would need: a black mask of Zorro, black boots, black trousers, black cape, black shirt, and a black hat. Of course you would also need weapons, and not just any weapons but a sward and a bullwhip.

Mexican Revolution Costume (Pancho Vila, Emilio Zapata, etc)

If you would like to look like famous Mexican revolutionary leaders you would need: long black trousers decorated with traditional Mexican trims, black shoes, a long sleeve shirt, a red poncho, a red sash, a sombrero, two plastic revolvers and a bullet-belt.

Wrestling Costumes

Wrestling is very popular in Mexico as well as in the United States which is why Mexican wrestling Halloween costumes are very popular in the Unites States, especially in the southern states.

The officially licensed Nacho Libre movie costume consists of jumpsuit with attached boot tops and mask. However there are numerous other types of Nacho Lible costumes, some of which are pale replica of the original and some of which are even better than original.

The price of the wrestling costumes ranges anywhere from $20 to $200 (for the most part) depending on the fabric, quality and number of accessories.

For example if you choose to buy an original Nacho Libre Costume than you should prepare somewhere between $40 and $60. However if you would like some cool accessories such as the cape then the price goes up as well as the coolness of your costume.

What is the cheapest Lunchador Costume?

The cheapest Mexican wrestling costume is the one that doesn't cost anything but your time to make it. Mexican wrestling mask is the most important part of the wrestling costume which is why it is important that it looks good on you.

This is why, if you are looking for a cheap wrestling costume, the best thing would be to buy Mexican wrestling mask and make the rest of the costume yourself, or you can just use some tight pants if you have them.

If you are going to the costume party with your girlfriend the only thing she needs in order for you guys to look compatible and great is a tight or short dress known as Mexican wrestling fancy dress costume.

Again there is no need to buy a new dress if she already has a short dress because any short or tight dress would do.


Female Costumes

Just as there are many Mexican costumes for men there are also many, if not more, Mexican female costumes. Some of them are: Adelita costume, Mexican peasant girl costume, fancy dress costume, Mexican bandita costume, women mariachi costumes, Lady Zorro costumes, Mexican Indian costumes, Mexican dance costumes, Mexican senorita costumes, etc.

Peasant Girl Costume

The Mexican peasant girl costume consists of the traditional Mexican dress called the Boho dress or Mexican peasant dress.

This dress has loose fit, short sleeves, and colorful embroidery. It is usually white but it can also be in ant other color. If you don't have a Mexican peasant dress or any other dress that looks like it, you can use a short sleeve shirt and a long skirt instead.

In order for your Mexican peasant girl costume to be complete you would need low heel shoes and the rebozo.

Adelita Costume - Mexican Revolution Heroine

To be a stunning, beautiful, brave, sexy and desirable Mexican heroine you would need the Mexican short sleeve shirt, a long skirt, black boots, bullet belt, and a holster and a plastic revolver.


Beautiful Traditional Mexican Folkloric Costume

 Mexican Folkloric Costume


As you can see from the pictures of traditional Mexican dresses above Mexican folkloric dresses are beautiful, colorful, and extraordinary.

If you would like to look perfect and really special for the costume party the traditional Mexican fiesta dress is the perfect choice for you.

In that dress you wouldn’t only look beautiful, attractive, desirable, elegant, feminine, and irresistible but you would also be able to dance and feel free to make any movement without worrying about reveling too much.

In this authentic Mexican folkloric costume you would feel like a true lady, and most importantly you would be perceived as such by everybody at the party, including the handsome guys that you would like to dance with.

Yes, everybody would look at you and admire your dress and your elegant appearance. Therefore if you have no problem being in the center of attention you know what you should wear at the next costume party you want to go to.

A side from the awesome Mexican dress with bright colors and traditional Mexican embroidery you would also need some really elegant and seductive shoes.

The shoes that are most elegant and seductive at the same time are high heeled shoes with a low platform. However, you should be very careful when choosing the shoes, especially when it comes to the height of the shoes’ platforms.

Remember, high heeled shoes with low platform are sexy and elegant but the higher the platform is the less classy the shoes are as well as the way that people see the person wearing those shoes.

The right combination of the dress and the shoes is always unforgettable and great to wear.


Mexican Fiesta Costume

It was the September 16th, Mexican Independence Day which is one of the most important Mexican holidays.

According to the Mexican holiday tradition there is always traditional Mexican music, great Mexican food, authentic Mexican drinks (such as Tequila), fireworks, and beautiful Mexican girls wearing traditional Mexican costumes for dancing.

And there she was, the most beautiful Mexican girl I have ever seen. No, she was the most beautiful girl of all girls that I have seen in my life. She was not just hot Mexican girl or wild Mexican girl, she was gorgeous and most exiting dream that a man can have.

Only, she wasn't a dream. She was real and I saw her with my eyes, held her in my hands, and kissed her with my lips. I felt her like no other girl before and lost her on that very night forever.

I remember as if it was yesterday (it happened 5 years ago) when I saw her dancing barefoot in the street. She was wearing Mexican fiesta costume with bright colors; her hair was long, beautiful and wild.

She was dancing like there was no tomorrow. Her beautiful female body was like a sculpture that God himself curved, her face was hypnotizing gorgeous, her dancing was elegant, seductive, and irresistible.

It was impossible to not look at her, which is why every man in her surroundings, including me, was watching nothing but her. We all wanted the same thing.

We wanted her! However nobody had enough courage to approach her, or nobody wanted to interrupt her dancing. Either way I decided that there was no time to be wasted and I started moving towards her.

At the very moment when I made the first step towards her she looked at me for the first time, right in the eye, and it was as if she said "common boy, don't be afraid". That boosted my self-confidence and in no time my arms were around her perfect waist.

We were dancing, touching and kissing for hours without saying one single ward. Then at one moment, only for a second or two, I turned around and she was gone. As if she disappeared in thin air.

Now, the only thing I have left are very few memories and many "what ifs".

Life goes on!

I guess!


Great and Affordable Mexican Costumes Ideas

Mexico is a great country with extraordinary diversity and very rich history.

This means that Mexican traditional culture is an endless source of interesting, colorful, cool and unique costumes.

For Men

Every man wants to look sharp, powerful and manly when wearing a costume. This is because ladies like powerful and tough men; men that can provide for them, protect them and take care of them in any given situation.

Therefore if you would like to be ladies' hero in the costume party than there is no better Mexican costume for you than the costume of Mexican revolutionary leader Pancho Villa.

He was famous for his courage, strength, military tactics, marksmanship, and of course for being great lover.

For Couples

He should definitely be a Mexican revolutionary leader Pancho Villa, or Emilio Zapata and she should be beautiful, sexy, but equally brave Adelita.

Adelitas also known as solderas were courageous Mexican female soldiers that were great fighters and loyal to the cause.

There are many stories and legends about beautiful and brave Adelitas; including the stories about their bravery in the battlefield and legends about their beauty, sensuality and amazing sexuality.

For Women

A side from the original and sexy Adelita costume there are many other authentic Mexican costumes available for women. One of the most popular Mexican costumes for women is Mexican peasant girl (Mexican senorita costume).

This costume is traditional, simple, colorful and beautiful. Of course there is more than one version, ranging from the very conservative to extremely sexy and seductive one.

In fact any Mexican costume for women can be conservative, sexy or something in between, depending on the occasion and the costume party theme.

Other ideas for female Mexican costumes are: woman's Mariachi costumes, Mexican dancer costume, Mexican fiesta costume, authentic Mexican folkloric dance costumes, etc.


Mexican Dog Costumes

There is nothing more adorable than to see a dog in a costume.

Costumes are fun and people enjoy wearing them and going to the costume parties. This is because costumes or uniforms have special psychological effect or, as common people would say, they have power.

Costumes have power to make you feel and behave certain way, depending on what costume you are wearing.

For example if you were to wear some cool Mexican wrestling costume you would probably feel strong and athletic, or if you were to put on a Mexican revolutionary general's costume you would most likely feel powerful and important, etc.

The same principle applies for ladies. A woman feels much different with makeup on than without it. She feels and behaves in certain way when she has short or tight clothing on, and in different way when she is dressed conservatively.

Also, a woman in sexy Mexican costume of hot Mexican peasant girl (for example) is far more likely to enjoy the party and be approached by men than a woman wearing something conservative, long and baggy.

When it comes to the man's best friend also known as dog there are most likely two possibilities. Your dog would ether love the Mexican dog costume (or any other costume for that matter) or he or she would hate it and try to get rid of it as soon as possible.


Mexican Dog Costumes


There are dogs that simply love wearing costumes and feel special and important when wearing them. If dog initially refuses the costume you should be patient and try to make him comfortable with it by applying the method "step by step".

Once your dog accepts to wear the costume the fun begins. For example if you decide to wear the Adelita's (Mexican female revolutionary fighter) costume you can find or make a dog costume of Mexican revolutionary general.

For this fun Mexican costume for your dog you would need: a mini dog Mexican sombrero hat, mini dog poncho and mini dog gun holster and bullet belt.

There are many Mexican costumes for dogs that you can by for about $20 including the little bandito costumes for dogs, fun dog Mexican Mariachi pet costumes, Mexican peasant girl costumes for dogs, etc.


I Love Authentic Mexican Clothing

Hey there, my name is Adana and I’m 21 year old Mexican American that had never been in Mexico.

I speak Spanish but not as well as English and I have never been to a Mexican fiesta or experienced traditional Mexican Christmas. In fact I didn’t know about Mexican Christmas traditions until I read it here on your website.

Just the same, I had no idea how fascinating and rich Mexican history and culture is and how challenging life was in Mexico and still is in most of the country.

A side from many things I learned from you about Mexico and Mexican culture I have to say that one of my favorite is the authentic Mexican clothing.

Yes, I know, all of you will say that out of so many great things about Mexico I am fascinated by the clothes but traditional Mexican clothing is really something beautiful, unique, fun and most importantly it is very comfortable.

My favorite is the Mexican Peasant dress which has so many synonyms that I forgot but what I didn’t forget is the feeling when wearing this dress. In fact I have it on right now and first of all it feels so light as if I have nothing on.

Second, this beautiful and colorful embroidery makes me truly feel like a girl. Finally it is so practical, comfortable and beautiful at the same time, which is something I cannot say for any other piece of clothing I have, and I have lots of them (as any girl does).

Right now I’m looking to by some other authentic Mexican clothing because I am so into this Mexican peasant dress that I cannot wait to try more of traditional Mexican clothing.

I have to admit that I am ashamed I didn’t know so many things about Mexico since I am Mexican American, but living in Chicago is not as easy to keep in touch with Mexican culture as it is in the south of the country.

I know, it is no excuse and that is why I’m going to Mexico next summer but before I go I would like to ask you guys which parts of Mexico are safe to go to because I really would not like to be kidnapped (except by some hot Mexican guy). However, what I would really like is to meet some romantic Mexican guys, have Mariachi serenade me and buy a lot of Mexican clothes.