Mexican Food Chicago

Mexican Food Chicago

Need for the recognition of the - Mexican Food Chicago

Chicago, Illinois is the largest Mexican community outside a border state and it is a second largest in the United States.

In the south of the United States, especially California and Texas the Mexican American Culture is very present, including the great and tasteful Mexican American food called Tex-Mex food and Cal-Mex food.

This food is Americanized Mexican food and it cant be called just Mexican or American due to its uniqueness.

The influence of the Texan culture on the Mexican food in Texas is more than obvious as well as the influence of the Californian culture on Mexican food served in California. Thus, the special names of these cuisines: The Tex-Mex and Cal-Mex food.

Our argument is that the same thing happened in the Illinois. To be more specific we believe that Chicagos (Illinoiss) culture had influence on the Mexican food prepared there, and that the Mexican food served in Chicago is not the same as the Mexican food served in Mexico, Texas, California, Canada or Europe.

In other words the Mexican food served in Chicago should also be acknowledged as unique and separate type of Mexican cuisine, with special dishes and flavors that are specific to this part of the Unites States.

That is why we suggest that the Mexican food that is prepared and served in Chicago needs to be named and recognized as one of many Chicagos treasures.

This food brand can be called Mexican Food Chicago or Mex-Chicagos Food or Chi-Mex Food, or something else, but what is important is that it has the name, and the recognition.

Some of the great Mexican restaurants where you can enjoy Chi-Mex Food:

Taco and Burrito Palace2441 N Halsted St.Chicago, IL 60614(773) 248-0740

Perez Restaurant853 W Randolph St.Chicago, IL 60607(312) 421-2488

Caf Salsa 9932 W 55th St.Countryside, IL 60525(708) 352-6840

Taqueria Traspasada811 N. Ashland AveChicago, IL 60622(312) 850-2069

Mexican Food Chicago

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