Mexican Furniture Phoenix - Find Rustic Mexican Furniture In Phoenix Arizona

Mexican Furniture Phoenix - Find Rustic Mexican Furniture In Phoenix Arizona

Mexican Furniture Phoenix

Phoenix Arizona is famous place for having many diverse Mexican furniture stores.

Some of those stores are:

  • Tres Amigos - 4907 West Bell Road, Glendale; phone number :(602) 375-8123

  • Mexamigo furniture - 17404 North Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, phone number: (602) 404-0742

  • Bellas Artes De Mexico - 2137 East Indian School Road, Phoenix; phone number: (602) 957-8078

  • El Passo Import Company - 8734 East Shea Boulevard, Scottsdale; phone number: (480) 367-6624

  • La Casona Furniture - 1510 East Bell Road, Phoenix; phone number: (602) 923-9399

    There are many other Mexican furniture stores and even factories (like the La Casona Furniture) in Phoenix, due to the high demand for Mexican rustic furniture is that area.

    Mexican Furniture Phoenix stores are very well equipped with hand crafted Mexican pine furniture, hand painted Mexican furniture, Mexican office furniture, Mexican outdoor furniture and all other types of rustic Mexican pine furniture.

    There are many things that make Mexican rustic furniture so popular however the main reason is the fact that each peace of hand made Mexican pine furniture is unique and it represents a true peace of art.

    Rustic furniture in general is very interesting and popular no matter where it is made but the Mexican rustic furniture (the one made in Mexico by a local carpenter) is truly something special.

    Unfortunately, due to the high demand for Mexican furniture it is impossible to supply that demand without the industrialization of the Mexican furniture making process.

    However, even the Mexican style furniture that is made in a furniture factory is still more beautiful and special than many other types of furniture.

    As one old Mexican carpenter told me Son, no matter where and how the Mexican furniture is made it will always be special because it has the Mexican spirit in it.

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