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Mexican Furniture Stores

Authentic Mexican handmade furniture sets calm and loving mood tone in your home making you feel relaxed, romantic and loving.

There are literally numerous furniture stores across the United States, Canada and many other countries in the world that are either specialized in Mexican furniture style of have the standard Mexican furniture display.

The main reason for this is the fact that the Mexican furniture is very popular due to its high quality, beauty and uniqueness.

Many people would like to furnish their homes with the hand crafted Mexican pine furniture because this type of furniture is much more than just furniture; it is also a beautiful and colorful form of art that makes any room (bedroom, living room or dining room) special and cozy.

Some Mexican furniture stores have been around for many years and yet others are relatively new in the furniture business. This doesn't automatically mean that the "young" stores don't have the authentic hand carved Mexican living room furniture or the hand painted Mexican bedroom furniture.

However, it is common that the stores with a long tradition have better prices and highly skilled salesmen as well as the excellent customer service.

If you don't find the perfect Mexican pine bedroom for your home in a specialize furniture store for the Mexican pine furniture you shouldn't despair because most of the rustic furniture stores offer the Mexican rustic furniture along with the Spanish furniture and other furniture alike.

Therefore, just keep looking and you would most definitely find the perfect solid wood furniture for your home in one of many Mexican rustic furniture stores that wait for you to explore everything they have to offer.

Who knows maybe the dream come true bedroom or living room set that is perfect for your home is in one of the stores listed bellow.

Houston stores

Houston is the largest city in the state of Texas in the United States. Mexican furniture is very popular in Houston and in many others cities in USA, and even around the world.

Mexican Furniture Stores in Houston

If you are willing to give your home authentically look you will find many Mexican pine furniture pieces at many specialized stores in Houston.

One of them is Casa Salazar. It is family owned business and is located near the entrance to the Majestic Theater on historic Houston Street. This store is specialized in fine quality Mexican furniture and here in this store you can buy unique Mexican pine furniture.

Another Mexican furniture Houston store is El Tapanco Rustic Home. It is also family owned company, founded in March 2006. This store is specialized in building handcrafted rustic Mexican style furniture.

They work with the finest materials and woods. The address of this store is 6910 Renwick Dr Suit I, Houston, TX 77081.

They work with all woods like pine, cedar, oak, cherry, redwood etc. So if you want Mexican pine furniture for your home you will find it in this store.

There are many other stores in Houston where you can buy Mexican furniture and decorate your house in Mexican style.

Besides these stores, you can find numerous online stores where you can shop for some unique pieces of Mexican pine furniture.

Those who are in love with authentic Mexican style furniture and would like their home to have the spirit of Mexico can search for some specialized Mexican furniture stores in Houston where they will surely find what they desire.

Mexican furniture gives away warmth and provides inviting atmosphere which is why there is no doubt that everyone entering your house will feel comfortable.


Stores In Los Angeles Area

Los Angeles is famous for many things and one of them are some of the most beautiful and luxurious Mexican furniture stores in the country.

Mexican furniture is very popular in California as well as in all of the southern states which is why there are many Mexican furniture specialized stores in that part of the United States.Some of the most respected Mexican furniture stores in California are:

  • Wertz Brothers - There is nothing that the Wertz Brothers can't do for you when it comes to furniture. Founded in 1931 this furniture family owned business has never been stronger which means that you can find anything you need in one of their stores.

    The very good thing about the Wertz Brothers is that they buy the used furniture, meaning that there is a good possibility for you to sell them your old furniture and buy the new one at the same place.

    Locations: 11879 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025, telephone number: 310/ 477-4251 and 1607 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404, telephone number: 310/452-1800.

  • Buena Vista Furniture - Mexican Furniture Los Angeles - what ever you are looking for regarding the Mexican furniture you are most likely to find in Buena Vista furniture store including the Mexican pine dining table, Mexican king size bed, hand carved Mexican book case, painted Mexican furniture, and much more.

    Locations: 5338 Alhambra Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90032, telephone number: 323/ 222-1700 and 273 S Main St. Orange, CA 92868, telephone number: 714/ 289-9600.

    There are many other Mexican furniture stores in Los Angeles area that you can visit if you don't find what you are looking for in one of the two stores mentioned above.

    On the other side you can always try finding the perfect Mexican furniture for your home by visiting some on-line Mexican furniture stores.

    Rustic Mexican Furniture In Phoenix Arizona

    Phoenix Arizona is famous place for having many diverse Mexican furniture stores.

    Some of those stores are:

    There are many other Mexican furniture stores and even factories (like the La Casona Furniture) in Phoenix, due to the high demand for Mexican rustic furniture is that area.

    Mexican Furniture Phoenix stores are very well equipped with hand crafted Mexican pine furniture, hand painted Mexican furniture, Mexican office furniture, Mexican outdoor furniture and all other types of rustic Mexican pine furniture.

    There are many things that make Mexican rustic furniture so popular however the main reason is the fact that each peace of hand made Mexican pine furniture is unique and it represents a true peace of art.

    Rustic furniture in general is very interesting and popular no matter where it is made but the Mexican rustic furniture (the one made in Mexico by a local carpenter) is truly something special.

    Unfortunately, due to the high demand for Mexican furniture it is impossible to supply that demand without the industrialization of the Mexican furniture making process.

    However, even the Mexican style furniture that is made in a furniture factory is still more beautiful and special than many other types of furniture.

    As one old Mexican carpenter told me "Son, no matter where and how the Mexican furniture is made it will always be special because it has the Mexican spirit in it".

    Tucson AZ

    What is a special link between Tucson Arizona and Mexican Culture?

    Tucson Arizona is famous place for many reasons and one of them is the fact that it is a home to many beautiful and diverse Mexican furniture stores where you can find some of the most unique and special hand carved Mexican pine furniture as well as hand painted rustic Mexican furniture and much more.

    One of the most famous and biggest Mexican furniture dealer in Tucson Arizona is the Tres Amigos Furniture Co. which has three large and beautiful Mexican furniture stores in the Tucson area.

    Tres Amigos offers authentic Mexican rustic furniture including the Mexican living room sets, Mexican pine bedrooms, rustic Mexican office furniture, carved Mexican tables, armoires, chairs and beautiful hand painted Mexican book cases, TV stands, benches, nightstands, coffee tables, and much more.

    The salesmen in Tres Amigos will help you choose the high quality solid wood Mexican furniture for your home that will make your living room or bedroom warm, loving and cozy.

    Also, aside from the diverse choice of Mexican pine furniture for your home you can furnish your office with Mexican office furniture that radiates respect and dignity.

    The massive, solid wood Mexican executive desk would make any office look powerful while the Mexican leather sofa is perfect for your clients to sit in and feel luxurious and comfortable.

    If by any chance you don't find what you are looking for in Tres Amigos don't worry because there are many other great Mexican furniture stores in Tucson area where you can find beautiful, high quality Mexican pine furniture.