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The Legend of Mexican Furniture

Find Out What Makes Mexican Furniture So Great

If you are looking for rustic, oak, pine or other solid wood furniture that would make your living or bedroom warm and cozy than the Mexican rustic furniture is the best choice for you.

Take for example the original Mexican pine furniture which is handmade in Mexico by the carpenter in small Mexican town who learned all the craft's secrets from his father and his grandfather.

Making the Mexican folk art furniture is almost sacred in certain parts of Mexico and the carpenters that make it are well respected craftsmen in their villages and towns.

There is an old Mexican legend about the young carpenter who was in love with a most beautiful Mexican girl that lived in the biggest mansion in the town and was forbidden to have anything to do with people like him.

He was poor, warmhearted, gentle, self-confident, brave, smart, handy young man, but that wasn't enough to be able to speak to his beloved lady.

She was beautiful, smart, gentle, over-confident, well educated, very talented young lady whose parents were the richest people in the town and didn't allow their daughter to socialize with the common people (as they called everybody who wasn't rich).

One day as she was passing by the young hero of our story she "accidently" dropped on the ground the book that was telling the story about forbidden love. Since he didn't know how to read he found himself staring at the book hopelessly.

It took him six months to learn how to read and from reading the book (especially the note at the last page written to him by his beloved lady) he found out that she loved him back.

However, there was a big obstacle to their love. It was impossible for them to spend any time together because she was the "prisoner" of her parent's mansion.

She was so desperate that one day she set the mansion on fire in hope that they would move to some other place less guarded so that she can secretly spend time with her loved one.

Unfortunately, the mansion was built with stone so the only thing that burned was furniture, doors, windows, wooden floors, etc.

Her parents were devastated however they decided not to move but instead to stay in the guest house while the repair is taking place in their mansion. The only problem was that they couldn't find enough carpenters thus the renovation process was bound to be very long.

As soon as the young man heard that there is need for carpenters in the mansion of his beloved one he sold the only valuable thing he had and bought the essential carpenter tools.

The very next day he was interviewed by the mansion's director and he got the job making the furniture.

For the next five years he made numerous beautiful and unique peaces of Mexican furniture and because of that he became the most famous carpenter-artist in that part of Mexico.

The fame was followed by money; money bought him a big house and social status but he wanted only one thing - his beloved lady.

On the day he wanted to ask her father for her hand the news came out that her parents were broke and that the banks and other people they owed money to collected all of their belongings including rustic Mexican furniture which than was sold and scattered across the country.

Unfortunately, that was too much for the father who took his own life, but not before taking his wife's and daughter's lives as well.

The young carpenter had the most difficult task in front of him - to make the coffin for his beloved lady.

The legend says that the most passionate love is captured in 101 peaces of Mexican furniture that the young carpenter made when he was longing for his love; and that those lucky ones that come across any of those great peaces of Mexican furniture would always be happy and filled with passionate love.

This is one of the reasons why the antique Mexican furniture is priced so high and why it is very hard to find it.

Of course there are other reasons such as that the Mexican rustic furniture is the high quality solid wood furniture that can last for centuries while making your home beautiful, warm, and comfortable.

Also, the Mexican carved furniture (like the one that the young carpenter made) is much more than furniture. It is in fact the true Mexican art as well as the Mexican painted furniture and other Mexican famous forms of art such as the Mexican pottery.

Mexican Furniture

Mexican Antique Furniture

The Influence Of Mexican Furniture On Common People

Instead of describing the Mexican furniture to you as well as its high quality, durability and beauty we decided to share one unusual e-mail that we received from one of our visitors.

I am a big fan of rustic and antique furniture from around the world. I have been fortunate to be able to visit many countries and buy diverse and beautiful antique furniture from all continents. However, I always felt as if something was missing.

Few years ago I visited Mexico for the first time and felt in love with the Mexican culture, customs, authentic food and above all the amassing and exotic Mexican rustic furniture that makes the modest peasant homes look so beautiful, warm and cozy.

It is well known that majority of Mexicans don't have a lot of money but despite that fact they are one of the happiest people on the planet. I tried to understand how that is possible, and I came to one conclusion - they need nothing but life.

You see, I need a beautiful woman in my bed, a fast car in my garage, Armani suit, gold watch and ridiculously expensive antique furniture to feel good about myself. In other words, I'm looking for my happiness in the superficial things and I haven't found it yet.

Anyways, this article is about Mexican antique furniture and not my pathetic existence which is why I will finish my confession by saying that Mexico and its artistic furniture opened my eyes and made me look deep into myself.

I am proud to say that I didn't buy any peace of antique furniture since my first trip to Mexico and that there is much more to life than collecting the rustic and antique furniture.

On the other hand, I have to admit that the Mexican antique country style furniture is truly inspiring and that the bedroom looks so warm and loving with the traditional old wood Mexican bed and armoires.

Of course, no matter how amassing the whole wood antique Mexican bed may be it is nothing when comparing it to the beautiful Mexican women.

Carved Mexican Furniture

Rustic Mexican furniture is so much more than just being furniture. It is a true form of the elaborate and beautiful Mexican folk art that is passed from one generation to another.

One of the mains reason why the Mexican rustic furniture is so highly prized is fact that the Mexican style bedroom, that is hand crafted and hand painted, is a unique treasure that can make any home warm and cozy place to live in.

It is as if the Mexican furniture has certain power over the space it occupies due to its romantic look.

Another reason why the Mexican furniture is so popular and highly prized is the fact that it is durable, reliable, and high quality furniture.

Solid wood Mexican pine furniture can literally last for centuries if maintained properly, which is why the antique Mexican furniture can be relatively easy to find.

However, even though finding the antique Mexican furniture may not be very difficult, paying for the antique Mexican bedroom or living room set is usually not that easy due to the high antique Mexican furniture cost.

Some people wonder whether the hand carved Mexican furniture is worth paying thousands of dollars, but people that own authentic hand made furniture from Mexico would gladly pay even more to keep it.

The most important thing in any house is the furniture because the furniture type dominantly sets the mood tone in any room; and the Mexican hand painted furniture is so colorful and joyful that it leaves no one indifferent.

In fact, the Mexican furniture is known to make bedroom more romantic, love life ardent, living room cozy and dining room friendly.

No wonder why the Mexican furniture is so popular around the world.

As it is said in the beginning of this article, the Mexican furniture is much more than just furniture and now you know why it is so.

What Makes Mexican Bedroom Furniture Special

There are many different rustic bedroom sets with a king mansion bed, but the Mexican rustic pine bedroom set with the hand carved pine king bed is definitely something special.

The Mexican hand crafted bedroom furniture would make your bedroom look beautiful and unique while at the same time making you feel special, warm and cozy.

Some people say that this type of furniture is so romantic that is makes their love lives more intense and inventive.

If you are looking for unique, stylish and beautiful bedroom furniture than the Mexican Aztec pine furniture is the best choice you can make.

This type of furniture lasts for very long time (for centuries) which is not the case with many other types of bedroom furniture, especially the modern type called board furniture.

In other words, the Mexican bedroom furniture is high quality, reliable and durable furniture that can be passed from one generation to another and make any home warm and loving place to live in.

Sleeping on the rustic Mexican bed makes me feel like a king. It is so refreshing to have a long and restful sleep after suffering from insomnia due to the squeaky bed, despite the good mattress.

For our thirtieth anniversary my husband took me shopping for a news bedroom set because we just moved to a new and beautiful Spanish/Mexican style house.

It took us awhile to find the perfect bedroom furniture for our new home, but our effort was more than reworded because we found hand made antique Mexican furniture that is so unique that is breathtaking.

Mexican furniture is much more than just a living room or bedroom furniture set. The Mexican hand carved furniture is an amazing form of art that can make any home special and priceless.

Choosing The Best Mexican Outdoor Patio Furniture

If you wish to have a beautiful outdoor area where you can rest and enjoy your precious time with your loved ones than the Mexican patio furniture is definitively one of your best choices.

When it comes to the Mexican style outdoor furniture you have many options.

First you need to decide which material you like the most for your outdoor furniture.

Mexican wooden outdoor furniture is worm, easy to maneuver with, and can be painted in different colors from time to time.

Therefore, if you get bored with one color you can always change it and it would be as if you have bought the entirely new furniture.


Mexican Outdoor Patio Furniture


The downside of the wooden outdoor furniture is that it needs to be maintained and painted from time to time I order to protect it from the sun, rain and humidity.

If you are not a big fan of the wooden outdoor furniture there is nothing to be worried about because there is Mexican iron furniture and Mexican aluminum furniture that you cane furnish your patio with.

Outdoor aluminum Mexican dining table and chairs are not just beautiful but also very practical and easy to handle because they are not heavy.

On the other side the iron furniture is very heavy which makes it very difficult to move it from one place to another.

Once you decide which material is best for your Mexican outdoor furniture you need to decide whether you want your outdoor furniture hand made or not; and you need to choose the design you like the most for your outdoor are.

In the end don’t forget about the great Mexican hammocks that are perfect outdoor furniture accessory.

If you want to have a true Mexican outdoor area the Mayan hammock is a must have.

Mexican Dining Furniture

Rustic Mexican pain furniture is famous for its high quality and durability as well as for its beautiful design.

The Mexican hand made furniture is especially interesting for those that know to appreciate the high quality and breath taking hand crafted furniture that can last for centuries.

If you want your dining room to be truly a special place where you gather with your loved ones and share meals, jokes, stories and everything else that makes the life so beautiful than the Mexican pine dining furniture is definitively your best choice. Mexican Dining Furniture Peaces That Can Make Your Dining Room Warm And Cozy

  • Mexican Country Style Dining Table - The Mexican country style furniture is unique and cozy which is why if you furnish your dining room with this authentic and special Mexican furniture you home would also be also warm and cozy.

  • Merida Mexican Rustic Dining Chairs - These chairs are not just stylish and high quality but also famous for setting a very positive and relaxing mood tone. Even though you can find these chairs in almost any color we highly recommend the brown color because it suits them best.

  • Texana Mexican Pine Dining Table - This Mexican dining table is high quality solid wood dining table that looks powerful but yet warm and welcoming. It is truly a great dining table to have your family gather around and spend that special time every day.

  • Acapulco Rustic Mexican Dining Side Chair - Acapulco is a beautiful and famous place in Mexico where romance and love are everywhere around. If you wish to have some of that magic in your home than the Acapulco Mexican dining room furniture is the right choice for you.

    In conclusion, if you are a fan of hand made, rustic and solid wood furniture than the rustic Mexican pine furniture is best choice for you.


    Mexican Leather Furniture - Equip your house

    It is always exciting and amazing to furnish your home. It is the moment when you give yourself a feeling of control over your house.

    You are buying the furniture you like and place it wherever you want. If you are Mexican lovers, then Mexican furniture is just what you need.

    Mexican furniture makes your life more comfortable. Since furniture is the expression of your world, emotions and taste so it is very important to choose the furniture that suits you and makes you feel like you are in heaven. You will achieve that with rustic Mexican furniture.

    Furniture is something you will sit or lay on but when you think deeper furniture is very important element of design that will bring you much pleasure. Mexican furniture is exactly that.

    Mexican leather furniture is symbol of prosperity and good taste. At the same time, leather furniture is very easy to clean.


    Mexican Leather Furniture


    If you decide for example to equip your living room with couple of leather sofas, you will make your room look very elegant and aristocratic.

    Mexican people are known to be very hospitable and courteous. They like to host guests and like their guests feel comfortable and pleasant like they are in their own house.

    Mexican rustic furniture provides such nice feeling when you sit on leather chair or lay on Mexican leather sofa you get a feeling of endless relaxation.

    Once you use Mexican furniture, you will fell in love with it and you won't be able not to buy one piece of furniture made out of Mexican leather.

    Mexican furniture is mainly handmade and therefore is known for its durability and comfort. Mexican leather will create rustic atmosphere with classic and authentic Mexican charm everyone loves.

    High Quality Mexican Wood Furniture

    Mexican solid wood furniture is very popular in United States which is why there are numerous Mexican furniture stores across the country.

    Hand carved rustic Mexican pine furniture is much more than just being furniture. It is a beautiful form of the Mexican art that can be a part of your everyday life.

    In other words, your living room and bedroom can become a unique display of Mexican art.

    One would think that Mexican style furniture is only popular among the Mexican Americans however this is far from being so.

    Mexican solid wood furniture is high quality, reliable and durable furniture that is very beautiful and unique which makes it irresistible to many people that look for the special type of furniture to furnish their homes with.

    Take for example the elaborate Mexican painted wood entertainment console with hand carved shelves and doors, or Mexican solid wood hutch, or Mexican hand painted wood corner cabinet, or many other unique and beautiful peaces of Mexican furniture that leave a very warm and special impression on people.

    As you know when ever we like something very much (e.g. Mexican wood furniture) we are prepared to do a lot in order to have it.

    Therefore, the relative high price of hand made rustic Mexican pine furniture represents no problem for many people because having a cozy home is very important to them.

    In conclusion, Mexican furniture is unique, high quality and beautiful furniture that can give a special touch to your home or office.

    If you are looking for a new look for your bedroom or living room that would make you feel as if you are on the vacation all the time, you should mot definitively consider buying rustic Mexican bedroom or living room sets.

    Pine Furniture

    Rustic pine furniture is very popular and highly priced due to its high quality and elegant-warm look.

    If you wish to make your home special and cozy place than the best furniture choice would be the handcrafted Mexican style furniture that is famous for evoking good emotions.

    You see, there is nothing more personal than your and your loved on's bed where you spend lots of resting and special time together.

    Now imagine that bed being so beautiful and romantic as if it is made by the Eros himself - the god of love and beauty.

    There are many great legends about the Mexican furniture as well as the touching testimonials describing its great influence over those that own it.

    "My husband left me after twenty years of marriage and couldn't bring myself to enter our bedroom for months. One day I decided to hire few men to take out all of the furniture from my house so that it was as empty as I felt in my heart.

    The next day, and many fallowing days I visited many furniture stores but couldn't find any furniture that was special and worthy of my new life.

    Than, when I lost any hope of finding the right furniture for my renovated home I went out on a date with a Mexican businessmen who happened to be the owner of one of the most prestigious Mexican furniture store in the country.

    With his I discovered the Mexican pine furniture and I bought many beautiful and special peaces of traditional Mexican style furniture such as the rustic pine trastero cupboard, Mexican pine curved top bookcase, queen roma Mexican rustic pine bed, and so on.

    This amassing furniture is perfect for my home (as if it was designed around my lifestyle) and it made me feel princess-like and young at heart.

    Authentic Rustic Mexican Furniture


    Some say that the Mexican rustic furniture is the same as the Spanish furniture which is far from being true. Even though there are some similarities between the two types of rustic furniture there are many differences as well.

    Mexican decor is the mixture of many cultures which is by a definition unique style well recognized around the world.

    Mexican interior design, hand carved doors, benches, tables and hand made beds and living room sets are the true Mexican art that you don't have to enjoy only from the distance but you can sit, rest and sleep on it as well.

    There are many reasons why the Mexican furniture is so popular in the United States and many other countries around the world.

    This type of high quality, solid wood furniture is very unique, beautiful, durable and a true representative of the diverse and rich Mexican culture.

    Mexican handmade and carved furniture is as beautiful as the famous Mexican pottery or other exotic and breath taking forms of Mexican art.

    This is the main reason why, if you decide to furnish your home with the rustic Mexican pine furniture, you would not only have the beautiful bed, bookcase, table, armoire, benches, trunks, etc, but you would also have a beautiful and unique display of the Mexican art and traditional Mexican culture.

    If you already have rustic Mexican furniture at home and you just can't get enough of it due to its magic effect it has on your mood and people around you, than you can consider furnishing your office with the rustic and authentic Mexican office furniture.

    There are many Mexican office desks you can choose from, including the big ones with powerful and massive structure or the elegant and smaller ones.

    If you are tired of the modern and poor quality office furniture that is associated with cheep and unsuccessful businesses and you would like to make a powerful statement to your clients and business partners than the rustic Mexican office furniture might very well be the best solution for you.

    Rustic Painted Furniture

    A very special type of rustic furniture is solid wood, handcrafted and hand painted Mexican furniture that is considered to be one of the most beautiful furniture-art in the world.

    In fact, the rustic painted Mexican furniture is so unique and full of positive energy that it makes any bedroom or living room very warm and cozy place.

    This is why the hand painted Mexican pine furniture is so popular among the newlyweds and everybody else that want to have loving and comfortable home.

    Pine Furniture

    Pine Furniture


    There is nothing as beautiful as rustic pine furniture hand made in Mexico by a Mexican carpenter that learned everything he knows from his father, who learned everything from his father and so on.

    There is a special feeling when entering the room that is furnished with hand carved Mexican rustic furniture due to the unique and beautiful Mexican style.

    Mexicans are one of those nations that value life greatly and really know how to live a good life. They are loving, passionate and very skilled which is best seen through the Mexican art.

    Hand crafted rustic Mexican furniture is definitely a form of Mexican art due to the fact that is hand made and that each peace of Mexican furniture is unique with its own dimensions and little imperfections which actually make the Mexican furniture so special and perfect.

    Pine Bedroom Furniture

    The beauty and magic of rustic Mexican pine furniture is maybe the most obvious in the bedroom that is furnished with this type of unique Mexican furniture.

    It is well known fact that the furniture type is most responsible for setting the mood tone in any given room. Well, the mood tone in Mexican pine bedroom is warm, loving and romantic.

    There are many personal testimonials that are testifying that the hand carved Mexican pine furniture fires up the passion in the bedroom and makes people feel like never before.

    Who knows maybe the Mexican furniture legend about the young carpenter who lost his love is true after all (If you are interested to read this beautiful legend go on the Mexican Furniture page located on our navigation menu).

    Mexican Pine Office Furniture

    Mexican executive office desk and the Mexican leather sofa are the two center peaces that you would need for your office to make a good impression on anybody that enters your office.

    If you are one of those people that know how important is the first impression, than the only thing that you are missing in order to accomplish a good first impression in other people is the solid wood Mexican pine office furniture.

    Painted Mexican Furniture

    Painted Mexican Furniture


    Each peace of the authentic Mexican furniture is hand made, carved and painted which is the main reason why the Mexican furniture is so special and unique.

    There are many different ways to categorize the Mexican furniture however the simplest one is to categorize it into two major groups: the Mexican furniture that is painted and the Mexican furniture that is not painted.

    Mexicans are very passionate, emotional and joyful people which is why there is nothing strange about the fact that the traditional and authentic Mexican furniture is painted in bright colors.

    If you enter any living room or bedroom that is furnished with the Mexican painted furniture you would most definitely feel the positive and joyful energy floating around, which is the main reason why the rustic Mexican pine furniture is so popular in many countries around the world.

    Mexican Hand Painted Furniture

    There are many symbols of the Mexican culture including some of the most famous forms of the Mexican art like the Mexican pottery and great Mexican murals.

    However, the Mexican painted furniture is not just a colorful and beautiful Mexican art but also a symbol of Mexican culture that is very practical and used by millions of people.

    As it is said above, all of the authentic Mexican furniture is had crafted, hand carved and hand painted which is why every Mexican bed, Mexican living room set, Mexican dining room, Mexican chair, Mexican table, Mexican bookcase, Mexican pine armoire, etc, is truly unique and cannot be duplicated.

    This is one of the main reasons (aside from being high quality, solid wood furniture) why the Mexican hand painted furniture is highly prized.

    In conclusion, if you would like to make your home special and unique, but also joyful and colorful than the Mexican hand painted furniture would most definitely be the best choice for you.

    Finding The Cheapest Mexican Furniture

    Some say that there is no such thing as low priced Mexican furniture, which is most definitely true when it comes to the hand carved rustic Mexican furniture.

    On the other side, if you are not whiling to spend about $500.00 for a rustic Mexican TV stand, or $900.00 for a beautiful Mexican pine curved top bookcase, or $2000.00 for unique Mexican king sized bed, than you always have an option to buy the so called Mexican look alike furniture.

    In other words, you can buy the cheap Mexican style furniture that is produced and assembled in China. This type of furniture is not unique, hand made or hand painted but it is a quite good replica of the solid wood Mexican furniture.

    If however, you are looking for cheap but authentic Mexican pine furniture than you always have an option of looking for the Mexican furniture store that is about to close, move to another location or offers a big Mexican furniture discount due to some other reasons.

    Important thing to know is that finding such Mexican furniture store is not an easy thing to do, and if you fail to find one you still have one more option of finding cheap Mexican furniture – Used Mexican Furniture Licitation.

    Used Mexican furniture is in some cases cheaper than the new Mexican furniture however in case of the antique Mexican furniture the fact that the furniture has been used doesn’t play any role in pricing it.

    Therefore, just because some Mexican furniture is used that doesn’t automatically mean that it is cheap. On the contrary it can be very expensive.

    In conclusion, finding authentic Mexican furniture for low price is almost mission impossible but there are ways (numbered above) to do so, which is why you shouldn’t give up until you furnish your living room or bedroom with unique and beautiful Mexican furniture.

    High Quality Mexican Import Furniture

    Mexican furniture is one of the most popular furniture types in the United States due to its high quality, durability, and exotic design.

    Authentic Mexican furniture is hand made with solid wood which are two main reasons why this type of furniture is unique and high quality at the same time.

    In Mexico many carpenters are considered to be actually artists; and if you have seen hand painted Mexican furniture or hand carved rustic Mexican pine furniture than you most definitively know why they are artists as well as carpenters.

    Of course as every other beautiful peace of art, the hand made Mexican pine furniture is expensive. However, the money spent on the Mexican furniture is the money well spent.

    Of course if you find that the hand crafted Mexican rustic furniture is too expensive for you there is always another option of buying the replicas of Mexican bedroom or living room sets that are made in the furniture factories in China and than shipped to the United States.

    There are numerous Mexican import furniture stores across the United States where you can find some of the most unique and special peaces of hand crafted Mexican pine furniture that is a beautiful Mexican art as well as furniture.

    There are also many Mexican furniture stores where you can find furniture that is assembled in furniture plants and thus cost less.

    No matter where the Mexican rustic furniture is made it is always beautiful however the hand crafted furniture is definitively very special and unique which is why it is much more expensive than any other type of furniture that is factory made.

    Also, the handmade furniture is in most cases more durable than factory made furniture, especially if it is made with high quality materials such as iron and solid wood.

    Where can you find antique Mexican furniture?

    The truly antique Mexican furniture is almost impossible to find anywhere but in the specialized antique Mexican furniture stores.

    However, you could try your luck on the internet but the best way is to visit Mexico and go to the traditional Mexican towns like the one from the legend and buy the authentic Mexican rustic furniture first hand.

    For those that this option is not an option there are always very good Mexican furniture stores in the United States, Canada, England and many other countries around the world.