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Mexican Games

Mexico is the place of great food, infectious music and dances, wild fiestas (parties), high quality alcohol drinks, tasteful non alcoholic drinks, beautiful landscapes and women, macho and passionate men, numerous types of games for children and adults and much more.

Mexican Children's Games

Some of the most popular Mexican children's games are: "Pass the Chili Pepper", "Mexico Bean Toss", "Benito Juarez Says", "Mexican Hat Dance for Children", "Mexican Loteria Card Game for Children", "Word Find", "Buenos Amigos", "Break the piñata, "Stilling the Sombrero", etc.

One of the most popular Mexican Christmas games for children is "Break the piñata". Piñata is a container made out of cardboard and stuffed with candies and fruits such as oranges and other goodies that children love.

Supplies you need for this game is the piñata, large stick and blindfold. Hang the piñata from the ceiling in the center of the room, blindfold one child at the time and place them in front of the piñata. Then turn them three times and let them swing.

After one successful attempt the piñata is broken and the candies and fruits are all around the room. The children's happiness when this occurs cannot be described with words.


Mexican Games


The Importance of the Traditional Mexican Children Games

There is nothing in this world that children like to do more than to play.

Children learn and develop by playing all kinds of different games. In fact, the best way to teach your children something is through the games and playing.

You can teach your children anything you want by playing with them, without them even knowing that the goal of the game is that they learn how to properly wash their teeth, or sit at the table, or be polite to others, or learn how to read, or learn certain social skills, etc.

Some of the Mexican children games that are a lot of fun for kids to play are: Mexican hat dance children game, stilling the sombrero, Toma Todo, La loteria, breaking the piñata, searching for the Aztec gold, discovering the Mesoamerica (nowadays Mexico) before Columbus, etc.

Many of these children games are educational as well as very entertaining. For example, by playing the la Loteria game your children can learn about the important and famous Mexican people or symbols.

Also, by playing the "Searching for the Aztec gold" they can learn about the ancient civilizations that ones ruled the Mesoamerica and whose achievements and customs are an important part of traditional Mexican culture.

Mexican hat dance game introduces the traditional Mexican music and dance to your children while they are having a lot of fun. The only thing you need for this game is the Mexican hat dance music and the knowledge of some basic Mexican hat dance steps.

In any event, you should encourage your children to play the educational games as much as possible. This is because by playing the traditional Mexican children games they are not only having fun but they are also learning about the traditional Mexican culture as well.

How to create Mexican children games

First, find some form of the gratification that is unique or well accepted in Mexican culture. For example "breaking the piñata" or receiving the certain Mexican awards such as the "Pancho Villa" award for bravery, "Frida Kahlo" award for best painting, "Octavio Paz" award for best poem, and so on.

Second, define what you want to teach your children and choose the appropriate award that they can win if they do well.

Important thing to note is that you should never give your children awards if they did poorly or if they refuse to play.

Next, research the existing educational games considering the thing you want to teach your children and try to make it even more fun and personal for them.

Finally, just play with your children and enjoy the process of fun education.


Mexican Adult Games

One of the most famous traditional games for adults in Mexico is Mexican Loteria card game. This game is similar to Bingo and it is played by many Mexicans. In fact this game is so popular that one would have difficulty finding a Mexican home that doest have Loteria Cards.

A side from this traditional Mexican game there are other games that are also popular among the Mexican adults, especially in the industrialized parts of Mexico such as the Mexican capitol - Mexico City.

When it comes to games it seems that kids are in advantage over the adults. The reason for this is that games are usually more associated with children than with their parents however that shouldn't be so because adults like to play games too.

Unfortunately, adults don't have as much time to play games as children do, which is one more reason for adults to cherish the free time they have and make the best of it; and one of the ways to do that is to play games for adults.

There all kinds of Mexican games for adults. Some of those games are: Educational adult games, card games for adults, Loteria card game (Mexican bingo), Mexican board games for adults, traditional Mexican games, Mexican adult drinking games, Mexican party games for adults, Mexican love (romantic) games, Mexican Murder Mystery games, Mexican picnic games, etc.

Mexican Loteria Card Game is one of the most popular traditional Mexican games in Mexico that is played by children and adults, but with different rules.

For example, when children play this traditional Mexican game (which is very similar to the western "Bingo") there is no money involved whereas when the adults play it, money is always part of the game.

Since Mexicans are very family oriented and have large families their family reunions and holidays are usually quite crowded. In other words there are often more than 20 people at the party.

It is for this reason that Mexicans have games for the adults that are specially made for large number of people (20+). Some of those games are: Murder Mysteries, "Opposites Attract", "Say What", "Tell me How", "Make Us Laugh", "Mexican Night", "Dance with me", etc.

Mexicans are very passionate and love life. This is why they enjoy playing and having fun as much as possible. If you are an adult but still like to play you are at the right place.


Games To Play At Mexican Fiesta

Great traditional and educational Mexican children games are:

Searching for the Aztec gold, breaking the piñata, Toma Todo, La Loteria, Discovering the Mesoamerica before Columbus did, Mexican hat dance for children, Mexican train dominoes, stealing the sombrero, etc.

Adults can also play all the games numbered above as well as the Mexican games for adults: “Chili pepper contest”, “the fastest 3 tequila shots”, “who killed Pancho Villa”, “Mexican hat dance to the last chair”, “Adelitas vs Mariachi”, etc.

There are many other Mexican games for adults however the most entertaining are the “Chili pepper contest”, “Adelitas vs Mariachi” and Mexican mystery games like “who killed Pancho Villa”.

Of course, the adults usually love to drink, and they are more than whiling to participate in the drinking games however it is not a lot of fun having drunk guests all around the house. p>

Drinking games are for the college parties and the Spring break because getting drunk and puking all around can only be fun to immature young people that just became free from the “parental terror”.

Anyways, there are plenty other Mexican games for adults that don’t involve drinking alcohol and that your guests would enjoy very much.

There is Nothing Like Mexican Fiesta Party Games

Traditional Mexican food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, great Mexican music and colorful Mexican clothing is definitely inseparable part of the great Mexican fiesta.

However, what makes the Mexican parties so exciting are the Mexican fiesta games.

I've been to numerous Mexican fiestas and I have played many Mexican party games for adults but the "Hot Chili Pepper Challenge" is definitely the most hilarious Mexican fiesta game ever.

True, it may not be so funny to the competitors but it is extremely amusing to the bystanders. It is especially fun to observe the hot Mexican girls bite on the hot Mexican chili peppers.

Imagine hot Mexican girls screaming, rolling on the flour, laughing like crazy, jumping all around, shaking, swearing, running in circles, tearing their clothes off, and doing all other crazy things alike.

Now you know why the Mexican hot chili pepper challenge is so much fun and why you should try it at your next Mexican fiesta party.

In conclusion, the things you need in order to have a great Mexican fiesta party are: hot Mexican girls, hot Mexican chili peppers, hot Mexican music, and of course the traditional Mexican drink - Tequila.


Traditional and Popular Mexican Games

Mexican Train Dominoes – Mexican Train game also knows as “Trains” is a traditional Mexican game played with dominoes. The object of this traditional Mexican game is for a player to play all the dominoes from his hand onto one or more chains emanating from a central “station”.

There are more than few versions of the rules for Mexican Train Dominoes however each version is fun to play which is why you should try it with your family and friends.

Breaking the piñata – this is probably the most famous traditional Mexican game. This game is originally a children’s Christmas game. The object of this game is to break the piñata (the cardboard container stuffed with candies and fruits) that is hanging from the ceiling, while the person is blindfolded.

It turned out that the adults enjoy this game as much as the children do which is why the production of all different kinds of the piñatas has increased dramatically. Nowadays you can buy a piñata in any shape you like and it can be stuffed with anything you whish.

Mexican La Loteria Game (one of the most popular Mexican games)–This traditional Mexican board game is similar to the western bingo game however it is special and unique in more than one way.

Interesting thing about this game is that it can be very educational for the children and that numerous variations of the la Loteria’s deck of cards can be easily made.

Toma Todo – this is another very popular traditional Mexican game that is played throughout the Mexico. This game is played with the spinning toy called the “pirinola” and the chips or the coins.

The pirinola has six sides and on the each side there are the instructions that players should follow.

The six sides of the “pirinola” red: 1. Place one; 2. Place two; 3. All place; 4. Take one; 5. Take two; 6. Take all.



My Favorite Mexican Party Games

Mexican Party Games


Hello everyone, my name is Alexandra and I'm a Mexican American living in L.A. California.

I was sixteen when I started going out with my friends and since I'm 26 now that gives me exactly 10 years of party experience.

Mexican parties that are organized in Mexican clubs or homes are my favorites because in most cases the music is great, Mexican guys are very handsome, everybody dance and the atmosphere is hot and sexy.

Also, there is always great tequila and Mexican beer, and of course fun, exciting, competitive and sometimes even wild Mexican party games.

The most frequent games that are played are the Mexican drinking games, which can be fun. However, if someone doesn't know how to drink and drinks too much, or on empty stomach than that person gets ill and fun is over for him or her.

I, myself, like to have margaritas and relax a bit, but I never get drunk or participate in drinking games because even though it is sometimes fun to watch others playing drinking games, in my opinion it is not fun to participate and poison yourself with alcohol.

This is why I started lobbying for party games that have nothing to do with alcohol, and the party game that everybody seems to enjoy, a side from drinking games, is the murder mystery game.

This game is a lot of fun and it can be played in many different ways. It can be quite simple or it can include costumes, props and complex plot.

Murder or thriller mystery game is exciting, fun, mysterious, enigmatic and it can also be sexy, seductive and exotic depending on the plot.

Participants are always trilled to play this game and really give their best performance every time. Sometimes they get so much into their role that they are unrecognizable even to their long-term partners.

This game is so much fun that I recommend it to all of you. There are many reasons why you should try this game but the most important is that you would have great time and memories.