Mexican Gang Slang

Mexican Gang Slang

Mexican Gang Slang, Symbols and Terror All Around Us

There are many Mexican gangs in Mexico and in the United States that pose a serious threat to the security of both countries.

In Mexico, some prisons are literary run by the certain Mexican gang or a gang coalition that numbers few strongest Mexican gangs in that prison.

Many prisons in the United States have serious problems with strong, ruthless and well organized Mexican gangs as well as Mexican prisons do.

However, the prison system in the United States if better organized and it is far more difficult for any gang to run the prison as it is the case in some Mexican prisons or some other prisons in Latin America.

Unfortunately gang problems are not limited to the prisons in the United States but they are also present in many American neighborhoods, towns and cities, especially those that are close to the Mexican-American border.

The Mexican gang slang, symbols, and terror is very much present in certain American neighborhoods; so much so that even the police dont enter those neighborhoods, which is very alarming fact for all of us.

We are supposed to live in free America and be its free citizens however it seems that Eme (Spanish letter M-refers to Mexican Mafia), Efe (Spanish letter F- refers to Nuestra Familia, Mexican gang) and other Mexican gangs enjoy more rights than ordinary American citizens in certain towns.

I am an ordinary Mexican American living a simple but fulfilling life. I have a wife and three great children. My oldest sun who is 14 is thinking that it is cool to use the Mexican street-gang- slang.

I just hope that once he goes to collage he would forget about that street linguistic garbage and that in the future something else would be cool for teenagers to imitate.

Mexican Gang Slang

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