Mexican Guys - My Perfect Mexican Guy

Mexican Guys - My Perfect Mexican Guy

Facts on Mexican Guys

Dear Mexican Crew,

My name is Elisabeth, Im 24 year old British woman and I just met one hot Mexican guy that seems very nice.

However, I heard so many stories about the Mexican men and their macho life style which is not a very good husband or serious relationship material.

For example, a friend of mine is dating this Mexican man that is over protective (I would say jealous and possessive, but thats me), refuses to do any of the female jobs (like dusting, washing dishes, cleaning, etc), is quite selfish in bed (unless she instructs him what to do), goes to Church every Sunday (not that anything is wrong with that but it doesnt have to be mandatory), would die if misses any soccer match, and the list goes on and on.

Miguel, the guy I met, is very good looking, charming, eloquent, smart, well educated, good dancer, has great sense of humor, and is very generous and talented in bed, which is why I believe that he must have dozen girlfriends and that he would never settle for only one woman no matter how gorgeous, smart and fun she is (which I happened to be).

My biggest fear is that my Mexican prince doesnt turnout to be a horse that goes around and, on top of that, bosses me around.

This is why I decided to do a thorough analysis of Mexican guys starting with asking you some very important questions:

1.What are the Mexican men like?

2.Are they really so traditional and over protective?

3.Why is the soccer so important to them?

4.Are they trustworthy?

5.What do they like and how to make one of them want only me?

Elisabeth, London


Dear Elisabeth,

Right now we are debating over what you are like, and we have to admit that the consensus is nowhere near.

Some of us are afraid of you, and yet others would like to get your address so that they can explain to you in person what the Mexican guys like.

In any event, before we get all serious and professional and answer all of your questions (free of charge and in the most educational and factual way) we have to tell you a short story that we believe can be very beneficial to you and many other women.

There is a woman standing in front of a newly opened shopping center which is the biggest and most diversified shopping center in the world.

She enters the shopping center and there is a security guy at the door who tells her that there is only one rule: Once you go up to the next floor there is no returning back, the only thing you can do (if you are not satisfied with that floors offer) is to proceed to the next floor, or if you find what you are looking for you can go out and enjoy in what you got.

The woman is very exited and she enters the first floor. There she sees many beautiful things and one of them is the sigh that reeds Here you can find men that are kind, smart, well educated, and family oriented.

The woman is trilled! However, she immediately starts thinking If here I can find this kind of men what is there on the second floor?

On the Second floor the sign reeds Here you can find men that are kind, smart, well educated, family oriented, have a great sense of humor, and are very giving.

Wow, this is truly amazing!says the woman but she proceeds to the next floor.

On the Third floor the sign reeds Here you can find men that are kind, smart, well educated, family oriented, have a great sense of humor, giving, handy and love to talk and massage you every night before making love to you for as long as you wish.

Oh my God! This is unbelievable!screams the woman.

However, after few minutes she decides to go to the next floor which is completely empty and where the sign reeds This floor exists to prove that women are never fully satisfied.

Just to remind you what you wrote about your Mexican guy above: He is very good looking, charming, eloquent, smart, well educated, good dancer, has great sense of humor, and is very generous and talented in bedwhich is why you believe he is unfaithful and a player.

Did you ever think that you may have some trust issues?

This being said, its time to answer your questions.

What are the Mexican guys like?

Mexican men are generally protective, religious (most of them are Roman Catholics), family oriented, honorable, brave, passionate, talented for sports, dancing and playing an instrument, conservative, traditional, caring, proud, easy going, etc.

Are the Mexican guys traditional and over protective?

Yes, they are traditional and protective because that is the part of their culture and heritage. However, being traditional and protective doesnt automatically mean being over protective or possessive.

Mexican men greatly respect their mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and female cousins and are prepared to do anything to protect them from any harm.

Mexican guys are not protective because they dont trust you but because they care about you and want whats best for you. However, sometimes they go too far which can cause problems in any relationship.

If this happens talk to him openly about it and the problem would most likely be solved.

Why is soccer so important to Mexican men?

The reason why the Mexican guys are crazy about soccer is because soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico and an important part of the Mexican identity.

Are the Mexican guys trustworthy?

Dear, Elisabeth you can trust them as much as you can trust any other men.

What do Mexican men like?

They like hot women, beautiful women, sexy women, gorgeous women, soccer, tequila, authentic Mexican food, relaxing, and so on.

How to make your Mexican guy want only you?

The only thing you need to do is to make him believe you are the only woman that can fully satisfy all of his desires and he will be all yours.

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