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Mexican Hat Dance

The National Dance of Mexico

The great representative of Mexican passion and enjoyment of music, dance and other positive things in life is the national Mexican dance - the Jarabe Tapatio.

This dance is about love, passion, courtship, and sweet love drama that takes place between two people that are in love.

In the beginning of the dance the men does his best to impress the beautiful woman he is crazy about. He does this by stamping and tamping like never before and his body language that is showing his strength and self-confidence.

Of course in the very beginning he has little success and the lady is not really interested. However after he had shown that he really cares about her she is convinced that he is the one.

Unfortunately, (he being the man) just as he impressed her he becomes arrogant and possessed by the glory. The lady doesn't appreciate this and lets him know by distancing herself and scolding him.

This makes him think and realize that he had made a mistake and ultimately wins the lady's heart. Sounds familiar?

When Mexican Hat Dance was proclaimed by the Mexican Secretary of Education as the National Dance of Mexico the conservative Mexican political parties as well as the Catholic Church were very opposed to it.

They saw this dance as something shameful and too explicit. However the Mexican people saw nothing bad and evil about their national dance and they enjoy it ever since.

The very fact that this dance became the national dance of Mexico in 1924 is the best evidence of Mexican passion and pro-life orientation. Especially if you take into account that Mexico was and still is very religious country and that more than 90% of Mexicans is Roman Catholic.

There is nothing else to say but:

Viva Mexico!


Mexican Hat Dance


Mexican Hat Dance Music

U.S. - Mexican Cultural Exchange

Mexican hat dance is the official dance of Mexico and it is a dance of, what else than, love and passion.

The fact that this type of the dance is proclaimed as the national dance of Mexico tells a lot about the nature of the Mexican people.

Mexicans are very passionate but at the same time very family oriented, which makes Mexican man a perfect man, and Mexican woman a perfect woman to be married to.

I mean, that's like wining a jackpot. At the same time you have an ardent lover and faithful and devoted husband or wife. What else can you ask for?

Mexican hat dance have been around for some time and it is still very popular in Mexico. However, what is really surprising is that it is getting more and more popular outside the Mexican borders. Apparently, United States is importing the Mexican culture as well as other Mexican products.

This is great news because the more neighboring countries share their cultures the more understanding there is among them, which always results in better relationship of those countries.

The cultural exchange between the United States and Mexico is very dynamic and rich. It is so rich that it resulted in the creation of the new culture called the Mexican American culture, which is very present in the south of the United States and even in some Northern States like Illinois (Chicago).

One of the results of the cultural exchange between U.S. and Mexico is that Mexicans, Mexican Americans and Americans all dance to the Mexican hat dance music and have a lot of fun.

One thing you should know about Mexican hat dance is that you can dance it to almost any Mexican Mariachi music. Of course the original music is always best to have but the most important thing is that you know the Mexican hat dance steps.