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Best Mexican Jokes

Jokes about Mexicans are very popular. In fact they are one of the most popular jokes in United States and beyond.

Of course, jokes wouldn't be jokes if they are not making fun of someone (in this case Mexicans). As you know whenever someone is made fun of there are mixed feeling that can range from mild discomfort to intense feelings such as anger.

We have to say that our goal is not to make anyone feel bad but on contrary to make people laugh and feel good. Most of us (people responsible for this site) are Mexicans or Mexican Americans. Others that are not of Mexican origin are individuals that have spent a lot of time in Mexico and became great friends of Mexican people.

Another thigh that we would like to point out is that we are glad that Mexican jokes are so popular because that means that Mexicans are popular and an important factor in the United States and beyond.

It is understandable that we don't like all of the Mexican jokes because some of them are really offensive and we believe that a certain line shouldn't be crossed such as the offensive jokes that are insulting to the fundamental family values.

Of course, some lines are difficult to prevent from crossing such as the Mexican-American border :o)

In hope that this site will roundup some of the best joke makers as well as many fans of a good, intelligent and fanny jokes we decided to make this forum and give you guys an opportunity to publish your jokes right here on our site and be graded by our visitors.

We truly hope to prove, with your help, that the jokes don't have to be vulgar or insulting in order to be funny. Furthermore, we hope to prove that the intelligent jokes are funnier and interesting than the straightforward offensive jokes.

Remember it is very easy to offend someone but quite difficult to make them laugh. What is even more difficult and very challenging is to make people laugh while making jokes about them without offended them. This of course doesn't mean that it is impossible and the best proof is that so many comedians have done it in the past and are doing it in the present.

Making jokes is not easy business but is very rewarding because people always love jokers.

Who is one of the favorite and most popular boys in the school? - School Clown.

What is one of the things that ladies always say that they love about their men? The fact that they can make them laugh.

What is the best (and the healthiest) coping mechanism when stressed? Humor.

What is the best way to break the ice in any given situation including business meeting, first date and awkward situations? Yes, you have guessed it. It is a good and intelligent joke.

Another thing you should know about jokes is that the jokes you make and the jokes you tell reveal quite a bit about your personality. In other wards you are telling people what is funny to you, or what issues are important to you, or what political party you vote for, or what you are afraid of, or do you have certain insecurity issues, etc.

In any event this article is way to serious for the article that is about Mexican jokes therefore it is time to tell some jokes and for you to make them, share them with others and everybody to have a good time reading them.


Mexican Jokes


Great and Funny Mexican Mama Jokes

First we have this overwhelming need to apologize to all the women (especially mothers) if this content offends them. Our attention is not to offend anyone but to make people laugh.

Men, be very careful when telling this jokes! Do not tell them to sensitive women.

These jokes are not made for women anyways, but for men because men have this really weird thing going on, which is to offend mothers of their friends!

We, men and women are definitely not the same!

You (men) are very immature, irresponsible and million other things alike. We (women) are simply better.

Now, having that said, how about we tell you few things about your mom?

There are many other mama jokes but we feel you had enough. Or didn't you?

We have to admit that some mama jokes are funny, like those above, but there are many mama jokes that are not just not fanny, but also quite stupid and vulgar. >

If you are a class clown, or just a clown we have a golden joke tip for you. "A joke that offends people is not a good joke; in fact it's not a joke at all".

This doesn't mean that you need to be politically correct and uptight when telling jokes but you should have certain standards and codex.