Mexican PonchoTraditional Mexican Clothing

Mexican PonchoTraditional Mexican Clothing

Poncho - Mexican Clothing

Mexican Poncho, or just poncho, is a single large sheet of fabric with an opening in the center for head.

In the past the main purpose of the poncho was to protect the person wearing it from rain and wind. Nowadays however that changed which is why many ponchos are made out of wool or other comfortable materials, which are not waterproof.

In other words, there is a big difference between the rain poncho and poncho. The first one is made out of the waterproof material and is used only when there is rain whereas the poncho is used in dry weather and for numerous occasions.

Also, another frequent mistake that people tend to make is to write the famous Mexican revolutionarys name: Poncho Villa, but the right way to spell his name is Pancho Villa, with an A instead of an O.

Of course, Pancho Villa used the poncho very frequently as many other Mexicans did, and still do, but thats not the reason to confuse his name with a garment.

That being said, poncho didnt originate in Mexico as the Rebozo (for example) did, but it was created by the indigenous people of the Andes.

Poncho came to Mexico centuries ago and is considered to be traditional Mexican garment. In fact, Mexicans incorporated poncho so much into their clothing culture that nowadays many people around the world believe that poncho originated in Mexico.

Also, poncho is the center peace of most of the Mexican costumes for men.

In other words, if you wish to look Mexican, in most peoples eyes, the only thing you need to do is to put poncho on.

Traditional Mexican poncho is usually made out of wool or cotton and is colored in some combination of blue, green, red and white stripes.

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