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Mexican Pottery Ceramic And Clay Art


Mexican Pottery has been part of the Mexican culture from its very beginnings.

For thousands of years the pottery craft have been flourishing in Mesoamerica which is why it is no wonder that nowadays the pottery is the most practiced craft in Mexico.

Mexico is the country of tasteful food, ardent passion, big romance, colorful art, joyful and sentimental music, seductive dance, and craft.

Craft is a big part of the Mexican culture. If you visit the rural areas in Mexico you would see that every man and every woman knows to make or build something.

In the past the pottery craft have been a necessity for most of the Mexicans, and it is still so in some rural Mexican areas.

However, with the industrialization of the country the necessity for pottery rapidly disappeared but that didn't make the pottery craft disappear as well.

On contrary the pottery is more and more popular in Mexico and there is also a big national and international demand for the Mexican pottery which is one of the reasons why the pottery craft in Mexico is everything but distinct (despite the fact that the number of the potters is declining every year).

This is a very positive thing for the Mexican culture because the pottery tradition is probably one of the oldest (if not the oldest) traditions that connects the ancient pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican cultures and civilizations with the post-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations and present Mexico.

All of those great civilizations and cultures cherished pottery craft and the evidence of their beautiful pottery achievements are displayed all around the Mexico in many museums and art galleries.


Mexican Pottery Clay - natural beauty

Pottery is one of the oldest traditions in Mexico and it is still practiced in most parts of the country.

Mexican ceramics and pottery date far back before the pre-Columbian period for thousands of years.

Mexican pottery is considered to be one of the most beautiful forms of pottery in the world. It is one of the most intricately designed pottery items worldwide.

It has amazing beauty and quality at the same time. It is admired all around the world and it is of outstanding look because it appears in many different styles, shapes and colors.

The modern pieces of Mexican pottery are very colorful while antique Mexican pottery are so authentic that they are thought to be the most loveliest pieces of art.

Artisans and sculptors take full advantage of the beautiful finishes of the clay, all these wonderful pieces of antique Mexican pottery are made of.

Mexican pottery clay is an outstanding earthy and lovely way to decorate your home with, as Mexican ceramics has a strong, cultural tradition. Having some Mexican ceramics pieces in the house is a real fortune, because it exudes with uniqueness and attractiveness.

Antique Mexican pottery has rustic appeal and its creations is enhanced by the presence of their centuries ago functionality for everyday living. Mexican ceramics is often used as decorative accessories in many homes.

Hundreds of years ago Mexican people were making pottery to use them but nowadays most pieces of Mexican ceramics has decorative purpose.

Many people visiting Mexico love to buy some unique and authentic items of antique Mexican pottery in order to place them in their homes so everyone entering their house could see it.

Mexican ceramics has so lovely look that it is almost impossible not to notice it.


Antique Mexican pottery is Mexican traditional treasure

Mexican pottery has always been very highly respected and honored not only by artists but also by ordinary people who like traditional things like traditional Mexican pottery.


Antique Mexican pottery


Mexico is very interesting place where you can enjoy many different things.

People are greatly pleasant and open hearted, beaches are of outstanding beauty found nowhere else in the world, cities, mountains, plants, animals, everything is so attractive.

Most people feel blown away by variety Mexico has to offer. Specially, tourists are attracted by authentic and unique antique Mexican pottery.

Tradition is something that every country should have and be proud of. I think that Mexicans are specially proud of their versatile and rich tradition.

Traditional Mexican pottery is magnificently beautiful and ranks among the most beautiful items made by hand of extraordinary Mexican artisans who dedicated their life and all their love and affection to the skill they cherish.

All pieces of old Mexican pottery have been made with great love and the feeling of making the most tremendous art pieces. They enjoyed while producing these art pieces and that is the reason why traditional Mexican pottery is so wonderful.

Mexican pottery is actually a mirror of the Mexican way of life, their lively spirit and if you get one item of the lovely old Mexican pottery you will able to feel that spirit and to sense the Mexican soul around you. That will make you feel more alive and joyful as the Mexicans are.

They are famous to be very passionate people who love to live very relaxed and happy life and enjoy in it as much as they can. This passion is felt in traditional Mexican pottery and it is considered to be great fortune.

Being created by hard working both men and women and sometimes by whole families, old Mexican pottery is very valuable pieces of art.


Mexican Pottery History - Very Long And Rich As The History Of Mexico Is

Mexican pottery has always been highly respected and collectible.

Tourists and collectors from all over the world are coming to Mexico to enjoy it's stunning beaches, gorgeous mountains and lovely cities.

All visitors to Mexico bring home very nice memories, some of them like to bring shells from attractive Mexico beaches while most of them choose to bring popular souvenirs.

Old Mexican pottery has always been the most popular souvenirs and work of art of exquisite Mexican people.

Mexican people had a rich and long history of producing pottery long before the arrival of the Spaniards.

When Spaniards arrived in the 1600s they introduced some new techniques and new styles in pottery production. The combination of these new techniques and the techniques of the Mexican people produced a new form of pottery called Talavera.

Talavera pottery draws its name from the city Talavera de la Reina, Spain. But in Mexican pottery history you can feel the influence of other nations not only the Spaniards. The Moors, Chinese, Egyptians gave their contribution to the lovely pieces of Mexican pottery.

In recent history, in the early 1950s a woman named Dona Rosa Real together with her husband Juventino Nieto produced very shiny, black pottery known as barro negro. Her descendants keep family tradition and today they are still producing beautiful pieces of black Mexican pottery.

Today talented potters and sculptors create black Mexican pottery that is adored by people all around the world.

This black pottery is made only in the area of San Bartolo De Coyotepec and special properties of the clay found in this area can't be found anywhere else.

Black Mexican pottery is a real treasure with its almost glass-like surface, excellent curving and lovely details.

Each piece is produced by hand and with plenty of patience making this old Mexican pottery unique and special work of art.


Vintage Mexican Pottery - Outstanding work of art

Mexican pottery has long and very proud history and is valued for its high quality clay and wonderful finishes. It is famous worldwide for its unique style and its natural beauty.

Traditionally every town and every village in Mexico has its own style of pottery. Some of them are still very interesting and their designs and finishes are just wonderful.

Each piece of Mexican pottery is distinctively original and it makes beautiful accent in any room. All Mexican pottery perfectly goes with Mexican furniture and its rustic touch.

When we talk about vintage Mexican pottery items, they are really amazing. They are not only sophisticated but quite innovative as well. Mexican pottery is generally considered to be vintage if it is from 25 to 75 years old.


Vintage Mexican Pottery


There are several unique styles and designs specific to various region: Talavera, Tonala and Tlaquepaque, Barro Negro, Mata Ortiz, Casas Grandes. Each of them has a tradition of its own.

For example, the style of Oaxaca is quite distinctive and is known as barro negro pottery or black pottery. The clay found in this area is black and is perfect for producing unique black Mexican pottery.

Every item of black Mexican pottery is beautiful work of art for you to enjoy in your home. The black sheen of the black Mexican pottery is gorgeous and one of the most popular and collectible pieces made with black clay is the Chango Mezcalero or Mescal Monkey.

Mexican pottery dishes come in many different shapes and sizes. Often they are beautifully curved, and details on them are hand painted with many bright colors.

Mexican pottery dishes are not only designed for beauty and as decoration, they are also made for functionality. This makes Mexican pottery dishes a welcomed addition to any home.


Different Pottery Shapes

There are numerous Mexican art pottery shapes ranging anywhere from the simple bowls and vases to elaborate sculptures known as Trees of Life.

Another popular form of Mexican ceramics is called Mexican folk art.

These Mexican ceramic art peaces are decorative and come in many different forms and sizes (figures, tiles, vases, dishes, etc).

In the last decades there have been a lot of experimentations with the shapes of the Mexican art pottery peaces, and some of those peaces are truly amassing and remarkable.

There are many modern Mexican artists that use the pottery to express their complex and highly charged emotions and feelings through the unorthodox and unusual shapes of the pottery sculptures.


Mexican Pottery Dishes - Wonderful work of art

Pottery has always been a significant part of human culture and this lasts for centuries. It also played very important role in human lives.

At the beginning people made pottery for their everyday use for preparing meals but nowadays most pieces of pottery became lovely art works, that is adored my millions of people all around the world.

Mexican pottery is also extraordinary works of very agile Mexican artisans who made many outstanding Mexican pottery sculptures.

When it comes to special occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving day or even your birthday, it is always important what you serve and how you serve it, what dishes you will use.

When you want something extra, something unique you can always rely on stunning Mexican pottery dishes, as they will be wondrous addition to your table.

Antique Mexican pottery is beautifully handmade artistic works while modern Mexican pottery is made combining ancient methods with modern technology in order to achieve beautiful effect.

With its natural beauty and good quality, these lovely pieces of modern Mexican pottery are among the prettiest in the whole world. Anyone who sees any item of Mexican pottery can't stay calm as such beauty is difficult not to be adored.

Mexican pottery sculptures represent the culmination of art made by Mexican artisans. They are indeed something that astonished every one of us. Even those who are not art lovers will find these masterpieces extremely beautiful.

As Mexican pottery sculptures are full of picturesque colors they can be excellent decoration in your garden, patio, and home.

Each Mexican potter item is handmade, painted by hand thus making them more valuable among many people in the world especially to the collectors who seek for unique pieces of both modern Mexican pottery and Mexican pottery sculptures.


Mexican Pottery Plates - One can see lovely picturesque colors

Mexican pottery is really something that should be admired and appreciated. I am a great Mexican pottery lover.

Every time when I think of Mexico only beautiful things come to my mind.

It is almost impossible to resist the impression that Mexico belongs the group of the most beautiful countries of the world and that it is a place with the most picturesque culture and tradition.

Their culture and tradition is very old and rich and it is imagined in all spheres of the Mexican lives.

In Mexican culture special place is reserved for Mexican art which is unique and one of a kind. There are many types of Mexican art where pottery is something that is completely different than anywhere else in the world.


Mexican Pottery Plates


Mexican pottery art is excellently stylish with very unique designs seen nowhere in the world. Its handmade pieces are beautifully created in order to attract attention of all visitors coming to Mexico.

It is unbelievably decorative and it will match with any furniture in your home. However, if your house id decorated in Mexican rustic style than vintage Mexican pottery is a must. It will give your home an authentic touch of old Mexico.

In Mexican pottery art Mexican pottery plates stands out as a special form of this outstanding art. As they are all handmade and also hand painted that makes them exquisite and very decorative.

These marvelous plates are designed with multiple and brilliant colors following floral patterns and most of them can be wall mounted or placed on a table stand as a decorative piece. Such vibrant colors will brighten up the ambience of any room.

Mexican pottery art is a real treasure, which is the pride of Mexico and its people.

Their high quality decorative earthenware pottery style is recognized by its strong colors and lovely details thus creating traditional Mexican designs.


Mexican Pottery Production

In Mexico, pottery making is mostly family business. The pottery craft's secrets are passed from one generation to another and no outsiders are allowed in the pottery making process.

In general the process of pottery making in present Mexico is still very similar to the process of pottery making in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

Potters still use the local clay that they "purify" by the ancient methods.

Some of them dry the clay and then crush it using some simple tool such as a roiling stone. Others place the clay in water and wait for the sediments and the impurities to fall to the bottom; and yet others do use the modern way of purifying the clay which is, once they dry it, they place it in front of their house and wait for the cars to roll over it.

All this is done in order to ensure the high quality of the pottery and to keep it from cracking.

Once the clay is ready to be molded the potters use it to make the unique peaces of Mexican art that are very likely to find their way in the international market.

Of course there is also a mechanized production of the Mexican pottery however nothing can be compared with the hand made peaces.

Even though the pottery is very popular in Mexico the number of the potters is declining every year. For example in 1994 there were over 1.5 million of potters in Mexico whereas nowadays there are about 40 000 of them.

Each year there is less and less ceramics artisans due to the mechanized process of pottery making, the ever rising popularity of the plastic wares, and of course the fact that almost whoever can leave Mexico does so and immigrates to the United States.

In conclusion, the pottery is a big part of the Mexican culture and traditions and it represents one of very few direct links between the modern Mexico and ancient pre-Hispanic Mesoamerica.

It would be a great loss for the Mexican culture if the pottery craft disappears from the Mexican cities, towns and villages and becomes only a form of art which is practiced by handful Mexican artists.


Black Mexican pottery is uniquely designed items

Mexican black pottery known also as barro negro is very specific form of Mexican pottery and it comes from Oaxaca in Mexico.

The black clay is found only in this region and with its special features is perfect for making lovely black pottery whose black sheen make pottery the most beautiful in the world.

Just imagine a few vases made of black clay in your house. There is nothing prettier, that will make your home more rustic and authentic, than these black pottery vases. They will look very elegant and sophisticated in any house.


Black Mexican pottery


There are many different Mexican pottery designs depending of the age of the pottery. The modern pieces of Mexican pottery are full of different colors while the ancient pieces are full of history and each piece has its own historical story. So, Mexican pottery designs are the most unique.

No matter whether Mexican pottery is made in modern times or they are ancient, they all carry unique flair. And there aren't other pieces of pottery in the world that is similar to Mexican pottery. All Mexican pottery designs represented on each item show so much color, history and culture.

If you are willing to make yourself happy with buying Mexican pottery it is very important to find the best deal since there are too many fake Mexican pottery.

So you have to be very careful when buying such lovely pieces and try to find experts that will help you in finding original Mexican pottery for sale. Of course it is also significant not to spend too much money.

Furthermore, there are lot of items of Mexican pottery for sale offered by numerous online stores or even the manufacturers themselves who will be certainly very delighted to sell you these beautiful pieces of Mexican pottery designs.


Mexican Pottery Art  -Is famous worldwide for its uniqueness

Mexico is the country with very long and rich history. The same thing is when Mexican pottery is concerned as it has its roots deep into the past, it traces back to pre-Columbian times.

Antique Mexican pottery is one of the oldest and most beautiful styles of earthenware. Most items are very old and techniques used in pottery making haven't been changed for centuries.

Mexican people are very creative people and their sensitivity is shown through their pottery. They like bright colors and use them in their art, in making lovely pottery, in furniture style and everywhere else.

Different cultures and their influence gave Mexican pottery its unique look. Mexican pottery is still prepared with the same ancient techniques. Today the number of potters declined considerably.

Antique Mexican pottery is very important part of Mexican culture. It is considered one of the most beautiful forms of pottery in the world. And nowadays traditional Mexican pottery is slowly becoming more and more popular.

Many antique Mexican pottery pieces date from thousands years ago and are unique in their appearance. Therefore, Mexican pottery is highly respected and valued worldwide. Many people are very proud to have such nice looking pieces of Mexican pottery art.

Mexican pottery craft still exists among Mexican people and even nowadays, you can see many Mexicans making lovely Mexican pottery pieces.

Traditional Mexican pottery plays an important role in Mexican decor. Unique style, color, and designs of each creation make traditional Mexican pottery to play important role in Mexican decor.

When decorating your home in Mexican rustic style, pottery will add a gorgeous final touch.

If you are willing to add a unique antique touch to your Mexican home, antique Mexican pottery is a perfect way to create authentic rustic atmosphere.


Find out about wholesale Mexican pottery

There are many reasons why you should visit Mexico.

First, you have to see its beautiful sandy beaches, turquoise bluish seawater, gorgeous mountains and of course very interesting cities.

However, Mexico is also famous for its very picturesque art, very rich and long history and so pleasant and kind people.

When visiting Mexico you will be able to see many interesting things and will bring unforgettable memories from Mexico but what will obsess your attention are extraordinary pieces of Mexican pottery. It is well known that Mexican pottery is worldwide famous and popular.

Each piece of Mexican pottery is very decorative and stylish that once you see it you will fall in love with it immediately.

With its attractiveness and unique beauty, Mexican pottery is considered to be among the most beautiful pieces of art in the world. That is why number of tourists gladly buys unique pieces of Mexican pottery and brings them home in order to decorate their house and keep Mexico in their memory a little longer.

Lot of people is very interested to have some of the special pieces of Mexican pottery as decoration in their homes, as Mexican pottery is very desirable and attractive. Therefore, it is very significant to find cheap Mexican pottery and save some money.

Today, when visiting Mexico, you can buy authentic Mexican pottery but very often such authentic pieces can be very expensive because they are made hundreds of years ago.

However, there are many online stores offering a vast range of wholesale Mexican pottery at very reasonable prices.

But if you are buying bigger amount of Mexican pottery then you can get discount. Also, plenty of online stores provides Mexican pottery discount for holidays and this is the best time for purchasing such valuable items.

So, if you are eager to have beautiful Mexican pottery search the Web and you may find cheap Mexican pottery.


Discover where to get cheap Mexican pottery

Mexican pottery is handmade items, which stand with their beauty and functionality. Their natural appearance together with their high quality is features that make these items unique.

Mexican pottery is very decorative in every room, in every house, everywhere where you want to feel the spirit of Mexico.

Mexicans are known to be very warm and open hearted people and they put a lot of love in producing such lovely items that millions of people around the world enjoy and would love to have in their homes as decoration.

Once you get any piece of this world famous art, you will surely seek for some other items of Mexican pottery as it will make your place more attractive and more joyful.

Many people enjoy Mexican rich culture and tradition that is completely unique and one of a kind. That is the reason why they wish to enjoy the beauty of traditional Mexican pottery in the area where they spend most of their time.

Therefore, they search for cheap Mexican pottery in order not to spend great amount of money and yet to feel the spirit of Mexico.

If you are looking to buy wholesale Mexican pottery the best way is to come to Mexico and search for Mexican pottery along the along the highways along Mexico. You will be amazed at what you can get cheap.

Also you can find many online stores offering Mexican pottery sale where you can buy Mexican pottery at very reasonable price.

Good idea is to if you have spare time when visiting Mexico to look for some of the manufacturers where you can buy Mexican pottery at very cheap price.

So, don't hesitate to search for these places and there are plenty of them in Mexico.

If you by any chance visit some art galleries you will discover that some of them sell old Mexican pottery with no price tags so you will be able to negotiate about the price and make a very good deal for you.