Mexican Prison Tattoos

Mexican Prison Tattoos

About Mexican Prison Tattoos

There is virtually no Mexican prison inmate that doesnt have a lot of tattoos.

All of those tattoos have a certain meaning, and if you know how to read them you can learn a lot about people that have them.

Some of the things you can learn about a person from his tattoos are: his name, his origin, what crime he had committed, what is his favorite weapon, where he has been, the name of his loved one, how many people he had killed, his religious beliefs, membership to a certain prison gang and so on.

Mexican Prison Indentification Tattoos

The identification tattoos for Mexican prison gangs are the number 13, an eagle holding a snake in his mouth, black hand, and the initials M.M or E.M.E (Mexican Mafia); the initials N.F or N.S, a sombrero laid over a machete covered in blood (La Nuestra Familia); a triangle of three small dots (Los Vatos Locos).

Very frequent symbols of Mexican prison tattoos are guard towers, barbed wire and cell windows and doors which indicate timed served in prison.

Tear Drops often represent that an individual wearing it has killed someone, and the number of the tear drops represent the number of the victims.

A tattoo of the knife or some other weapon indicates the persons favorite weapon or a weapon the crime was committed with.

Prison tattoos are very popular in prisons because if you have them that means that you are protected, which can save your life in prison. However, on the other side it can also cost you a lot, including your life.

Great majority of prison inmates join the prison gangs in order to have protection however it is not easy to join a prison gang. An individual must prove himself usually by killing another inmate or committing some other crime. It is only after this that the prison inmate is accepted as a member of the gang and is allowed to wear prison gang tattoos.

Mexican Prison Tattoos

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