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Sombrero Hat - Traditional Mexican Clothing

Mexican sombrero is probably the most famous traditional Mexican peace of clothing.

In fact, the Sombrero is one of the most famous Mexican trademarks even though there are many other Mexican trademarks such as the Mariachi, Tequila, Mexican peasant dress, Mexican huaraches, and of course traditional and authentic Mexican food.

In any event, the Sombrero is the Mexican hat with very distinguishing features: pointed crow, extra-wide brim (wide enough to cast a shadow over the face, neck and shoulders) and very colorful designs.

Sombrero aka traditional Mexican hat is the best and most important peace of almost any male and many female Mexican costumes.

This traditional Mexican hat comes in many sizes. In the past there was only one size – the extra large with high pointed crow and extra wide brim. Nowadays, there are Mexican hats in all sizes including the so called mini Mexican hats for dogs.

Yes, dogs love Mexican hats as well as men, women and children which is why you can find Mexican hat in almost any color and size.




Nowadays, it seems that the Mexican sombrero is getting smaller or to be more precise its crow is less pointed and its brim is less wide. This mainly the case in the industrialized parts of Mexico because people that live in the cities are not working in the fields so there is no need for the authentic Mexican hat (Mexican sombrero).

Mexican peasants are still using the original and traditional Mexican clothing including the sombreros, Mexican peasant dresses, huaraches, rebozos, and many other peaces of authentic Mexican clothing.

In fact, the rural Mexican areas are a living and the best preserved museum of traditional Mexican culture where the authentic Mexican food is served, traditional Mexican music is listened to, traditional Mexican games are played and the traditional Mexican clothing is the main stream fashion.

Even though the traditional sombrero hat is rarely seen in Mexican urban areas the authentic sombrero is still one of the leading Mexican national and cultural symbols.

This is the reason why the sombreros are "mandatory" for every national Mexican celebration such as the Mexican Independence Day.

As one street salesman told me on one hot Mexican day in Mexico City - There is no Mexican that doesn't have at least one sombrero at home therefore if you wish to blend in modern Mexican way of living buy this traditional sombrero hat and put it on your head on every traditional Mexican celebration.

For example the very popular men Mexican costume is the Mexican Poncho macho costume and, you guessed it, the center peace is the large brim Mexican hat. Also, the very popular women Mexican costume is the Mexican Adelita costume and there is no Adelita without the medium size traditional Mexican hat.

Mexican dog costumes are getting more and more popular and of course most of them include the mini traditional Mexican hat.

In other words, if you would like to have the authentic or original Mexican costume than you need the traditional Mexican clothing – Mexican hat, Ribozo, Mexican poncho, Mexican peasant dress, traditional Mexican shirt, huaraches, Mexican belt, etc.

If you don’t have any of the traditional Mexican clothing numbered above and you have to choose only one peace of authentic Mexican clothing than choose the traditional Mexican hat, combine it with any pants or colorful dress and you will get an original Mexican costume.

The Sombrero is the most recognizable Mexican trademark which is why if you have it than you can pass as a Mexican on every costume party.


Mexican Sombrero


Mexican sombrero is my favorite hat. Not because beautiful Mexican girl gave me one to remember her, but because it is very practical and cool at the same time.

I love Mexican clothing because it is affordable, comfortable and macho, which is very important to us men. We love to look manly and powerful and there is nothing more manly than having the Mexican poncho over our shoulders and Mexican sombrero on our heads.

Of course the Mexican cowboy boots are mandatory if you want your Mexican macho look to be complete and flawless.

I must have 10 Mexican sombreros and they are all different. It's interesting that I almost never found the two same Mexican sombreros. They all differ in sizes, color or fabric (material) from which they are made.

My favorite Mexican sombrero hat is the one that I got from my hot Mexican girl. It is medium sized, black with green, white and red stripes and it fits my head perfectly.

The best thing is that my Mexican beauty also gave me the great Mexican wedding shirt and traditional Mexican pants.

I have to admit that the shirt is great but the pants are a bit tight for my taste. I don't know - it just doesn't go well with my macho personality (LOL).

Seriously, I can't wait to visit Mexico again and ask my Mexican muse to marry me. She will look breath taking in the traditional Mexican wedding dress and luxurious Mexican wedding underwear.

I mean, she looks great wearing nothing but the Mexican sombrero she gave me. However, it's kinda difficult to get married like that, which is why I am prepared to sacrifice and allow her to wear the traditional Mexican wedding dress which will cover her from head to toes.

In conclusion, if you want to go to the great Mexican fiesta party and you have no idea what to wear buy a Mexican hat and combine it with any clothes that you look good in.