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Mexican Sports

Most popular Mexican sports are soccer, baseball, basketball, bullfighting, boxing and wrestling.

Other sports like auto racing, American football, tennis, golf, polo and many others are also appreciated.

Mexican Soccer

Mexican soccer is the most popular sport in Mexico and there is no other sport discipline that can compare with its unquestionable number one status.

Mexicans are very passionate people and the passion of the Mexican men is most evident when the two all-time rivals meet each other at the soccer stadium.

Mexican soccer's status as the king of Mexican sports is best represented with the fact that when ever popular Mexican soccer teams play against each other, or when there is an important international soccer match, the entire Mexico can be paralyzed.

Everybody including Mexican men, women and children watch the game on television and cheer as if they were at the very stadium where the game is played.

Of course nothing compares to the atmosphere of the Mexican soccer stadium when the important soccer game is played. When this occurs stadium is packed with people that sing, shout, sheer, jump and even dance. This event is unforgettable and if you ever get a chance you should experience it.

Mexicans have very good soccer teams and many excellent soccer players that are known worldwide. National Mexican league is one of the best in Latin America. To understand the significance of this, you should know that part of Latin America is Brazil and Argentina, both of which are multiple World Cup champions.

Another fact that is an evidence of the quality of Mexican soccer is that many Mexican soccer teams have won the international cups like the Latin America cup that is equivalent to the European cup.

Mexican Bullfighting

Mexican Bullfighting


Bullfighting was introduced to Mexico by the Spanish colonist some 400 years ago and since then it is very popular sport in Mexico. Traditionally Mexican bullfighting includes Mexican traditional folkloric dances, rodeo events and of course bullfight.

Mexicans love bullfighting and that is why the largest bullring in the world is located in Mexico City which is the capitol of Mexico. Aside from being one of the most popular Mexican sports (even though nothing compares to Mexican soccer), bullfighting represents a big tourist attraction as well.

Mexican Boxing

Mexico has a very rich boxing history and it produced many boxing champions such as Antonio Margarito, Edgar Sosa, Raul Garcia, Salvador Sanchez, Julio Cezar Chavez, Juan Manuel Marquez, Eric Morales, Oscar Larios and many others.

Mexican Baseball

Baseball is getting more and more popular in Mexico every year and probably the best evidence of this is that Mexico national baseball team is currently ranked as the eight baseball team in the world.

Mexican professional baseball has two leagues: 16-team summer league (Mexican League of Baseball) and eight team winter league (Mexican Pacific League) which is the premier baseball league in present Mexico even though Mexican League of Baseball has long history.

Mexican baseball produced some of the best baseball players in the history of this sport and more than a 100 Mexican players have played in the major leagues in the United States which are the best baseball leagues in the world.

Mexican Wrestling

Mexican Wrestling


Mexican wrestling knows as "Lucha Libre" (Free fighting) is characterized with colorful masks, rapid moves, high-flying moves and breaking the rules.

This Mexican sport is similar to the American professional wrestling but it has certain differences. For example, the tag teams in Mexican wrestling are made up of three members instead of two as is common in the United States.

In conclusion, sports are an important part of Mexican culture and there is almost no sport discipline that is unknown to the Mexicans. However, the crown of Mexican sports is the Mexican soccer that leaves no Mexican indifferent.