Mexican Tattoo Art

Mexican Tattoo Art

About Mexican Tattoo Art

Mexican tattoos are elaborate, beautiful, striking, colorful, cool, and most of them have profound meaning.

Mexican Aztec Tattoos

Aztec empire was the most powerful empire in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica (present Mexico) and that is why this civilization had great influence on traditional Mexican culture.

Aztec people used tattoos very frequently and for different purposes. For example, they used tattoos for identification, marking a persons social status or during the religious rituals.

Mexican Aztec tattoos are very popular in present Mexico and among Mexicans and Mexican Americans in the United States. The most frequent Mexican Aztec tattoos are Aztec calendar tattoo, the Aztec sun god, the Aztec god of weather, fertility and creativity, the Aztec god of warriors, the Aztec Eagle and the Aztec sun and moon tattoos.

Mexican Religious Tattoos

Since great majority of Mexicans are religious, the Mexican religion (95% of Mexicans are Christians) had also a big influence on Mexican tattoo art. The most frequent religious Mexican tattoo is the regular design of the Virgin of Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe).

This is because the Virgin of Guadalupe holds a very special place in all Mexican hearts and many Mexicans believe that her image would protect them and keep them safe.

Mexican Scull Tattoos

Mexican Scull tattoos are very unique, colorful and traditional Mexican tattoos. The human skull is a symbol of (among other things) the Day of the Dead which is a Mexican celebration during which the dead relatives, family members and friends are honored, remembered and prayed for.

This Mexican celebration is not only about death but life as well. In fact this very holyday is a living proof that the dead are still alive in the hearts and minds of their loved ones.

Mexican Gang Tattoos

Mexican prison tattoos and Mexican gang tattoos represent a significant part of Mexican tattoo art because there are many Mexican gangs inside and outside the prisons across the Mexico and the United States (especially in the south).

The Mexican gangs have elaborate tattoos and if you know how read them you can find out many important things about a certain gang member including his membership and rank in the certain gang, what crimes he had committed, how many people he had killed, in how many prisons he had been, what is the name of his loved one, what is his favorite weapon and so on.

Mexican Pride Tattoos

Mexicans are very proud people and they love to show it by having Mexican pride tattoos. The most frequent Mexican pride tattoo is the tattoo of the Mexican flag. The reasons for this is that Mexicans love and adore their flag so much so that they have the monumental flags across the Mexico as well as the civil salute and oath to their flag.

Mexican Tattoo Art

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