Mexican Traditional Clothes

Mexican Traditional Clothes

About Mexican Traditional Clothes

Traditional Mexican clothing is comfortable, colorful, beautiful and practical.

Some of the most famous Mexican trademarks are Mexican clothing like the Quechquemitl (the traditional Mexican garment with a center opening for the head to pass through), Sombrero (traditional Mexican hat with large brim), the Huipil (Mexican peasant blouse), the Rebozo, etc.

Mexican Traditional Dress

The Mexican peasant dress (also known as the Puebla dress, China Poblana, Boho dress, Mexican folk dress, etc) is one of the most famous and used Mexican clothes in Mexican history.

This dress, which traditionally has loose fit, short sleeves and beautiful traditional embroidery (which is one of the trademarks of traditional Mexican clothing for women) has inspired many fashion designers to produce their fashion masterpieces.

The quality of the Mexican clothes is world-famous. Most of traditional Mexican clothing is made with 100% cotton however in resent days many other materials, and the variety of material mixtures, are used as well. Very popular clothing materials in Mexico nowadays are silk, acrylic, polyester and cotton of course.

The fact that Mexican traditional clothes are trendy in many countries nowadays, especially in the Unites States and European Union is very representative proof of its quality and never-ending inspiration for many fashion designers around the World. Take for example the Mexican Baja Jacket.

This type of Mexican hooded sweater, with a single large pocket in the middle, has literally taken over the world. Its cool and multicolored design has made this traditional Mexican garment very popular among teenagers and young people around the world.

There are many other Mexican clothes that are at the same time traditional but also trendy, which is very interesting fact because most of the traditional clothing in other countries is only displayed in the ethnographic museums.

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