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Mexican Wars

Unfortunately Mexican wars are a big part of Mexican history and they shaped Mexican territories, governments and lives of the ordinary Mexican people.

Mexican Independence

Mexicans won their independence after declaring and wining the war against the Spanish colonial forces that lasted for more than 10 year (1810-1821).

"Long live our Lady of Guadalupe! Death to Spanish government! Long live Independence!" This was the climax of father Hidalgo's speech that is considered as the declaration of war against the Spain and its colonial forces.

Four months after the declaration of war the leader of the revolutionary army (Father Hidalgo) was captured, court trialed and executed. However, this didn't stop the Mexicans from winning their independence.

This commitment, endurance and bravery of Mexican people resulted in Mexico's victory and the establishment of first Mexican Empire.

Nowadays, Mexican Independence Day is the biggest Mexican national holiday that is celebrated across the country.

Mexican American War

Mexico lost more than half of its territory to the United States after loosing the Mexican American War (1846-1848). This armed conflict between Mexico and the United States was inevitable after the annexation of Texas by the US because the Mexican government had long warned the United States to stay a way from Mexican territories.

Unfortunately for Mexico, by the end of the Mexican American war the United Stated didn't just take Texas from Mexico by also the present-day states of California, Nevada, Utah and parts of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming. In other words, Mexico lost two thirds of its territory.

Conclusion: This is one Mexican war that Mexicans should have avoided however you need to keep in mind that it is very easy to be a general after the battle is over.

Mexican French War

Mexican French War (1861-1867), also known as "a French intervention in Mexico" resulted in the abolishment of the Mexican Republic (that was established in 1823, two years after Mexicans won their independence) and the creation of second Mexican Empire under the reign of Maximilian I of Mexico.

Mexican Civil War (Mexican Revolution)

Mexican revolution (1910-1920) was in fact a civil war that caused many social reforms and produced the Mexican Constitution of 1917. This constitution is the foundation of the present Mexico's democracy and social liberties.

This Mexican war also produced some of the most famous Mexicans such as Francisco "Pancho" Vila and Emiliano Zapata who were great revolutionary leaders and the men responsible for the defeat of Porfino Diaz's military.

Diaz had great intentions for Mexico and he did a lot for his country. He stabilized the Mexican government, improved the quality of life, created many laws, build highways, railroads, telegraph lines and developed Mexico like no one else before him.

However, on the other side he was a dictator and he neglected most of the Mexican population while only a small circle of people around him got very rich. This is why Mexican people wanted and demanded change and the revolution was the way to get it.

Mexican Drug War

Mexican drug war (2006 - ) is an ongoing conflict between the rival drug cartels and the Mexican government forces that claimed over 12 000 lives do this day.

This conflict costs Mexican tax payers billions of dollars each year because the Mexican government is trying its best to win this war against the enemy that has more money and manpower.

The government forces that are involved in this war number around 60 000 soldiers and police officers combined whereas the drug cartels have more than 300 000 men (and women).

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the drag cartel soldiers are very well equipped with the best arms and technology money can buy.

In short, if you assess all of the information above you will come to the conclusion that this is a real war. The only question is who is going to win.

The good news might be that Mexican government knows that this is a Mexican war they cannot afford to loose because if the drug cartels win Mexico is not facing the loss of its territories but something far more precious - its soul.