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Traditional Mexican Wedding Cookies

If you want your traditional Mexican wedding to be delicious then you need the Mexican traditional wedding cookies.

Mexican cookies that are specially made for the wedding come in numerous different shapes and sizes. They can be very small or quite large or somewhere in between.

Wedding cookies have been a part of the Mexican wedding celebration for many years, even centuries.

Some argue that the Mexico is the birthplace of the cookies and cakes because the ancient people that used to live in Mesoamerica (in the area that is now Mexico) invented chocolate.

In any event, there are few very simple but tasteful Mexican wedding cookies recipes that you can try and experiment with, for you wedding.

The good thing about the cookies is that there is no person on this planet that doesn't love them, including the children or the adults. Also, they are not expensive and you can order them in any shapes and sizes you like.

For example, in order to make your wedding memorable and fun you can order the gigantic wedding cookie in shape of the Sombrero (traditional Mexican hat) and you can organize the fun competition in Mexican dancing for your guests. The winner goes home with the gigantic cookie, of course.

Wedding cake is a must for majority of the cultures around the world (including the traditional Mexican culture) however the wedding cookies are not that common, which is why you should really exploit this Mexican wedding tradition.

Did you know that Mexican cookies can be sent out as the invitation for you wedding!

Yes, you can order the special Mexican cookies that would make your wedding invitations unique, beautiful and tasteful at the same time.

You can also use the Mexican cookies as the "thank you" present for your guests or you can just use them as the desert at your wedding. In any event don't forget about the Mexican cookies when you plan your traditional Mexican wedding.


Mexican Wedding Cookie Recipe

Do you know any great Mexican American wedding cookie recipe?

There are many Mexican cookie recipes that you can choose from.

Also, there are many American cookie recipes which means that there are even more Mexican American wedding cookies recipes that you can experiment with.

Our suggestion is the Chocolate Mexican wedding cookies that represent the mixture of the Mexican and American culture.

In other word there are two cultures in one cookie.


Chocolate Mexican wedding cookies




This is the best Mexican wedding cookie recipe for your Mexican American wedding because these cookies are a true mixture of these two great cultures.