Mexican Wedding Dresses

Exploring the Mexican Wedding Dresses

For many centuries the wedding dress in Mexico has been the festive version of the most famous Mexican dress called the Mexican peasant dress, also knows as the Boho dress, China Poblana, etc.

Usually the only difference between the everyday dress and the wedding dress was the color of the dress and the beautiful traditional embroidery.

Of course, the wealthy Mexicans (there were not many of them) didnt have to get married in traditional Mexican dress because they could afford to buy the western wedding gowns from the Europe.

The wealthy minority could also order the custom-made wedding dress that was the mixture of the traditional Mexican wedding dress and the western wedding gown.

However, the great majority of Mexican brides got married in the simple but beautiful Mexican traditional wedding dress that has been part of the Mexican wedding traditions for centuries.

Nowadays more and more Mexican brides that live in the Mexican cities and other industrialized parts of Mexico choose the western wedding gowns over the traditional wedding dresses.

In any event, if you whish your wedding to be special, traditionally Mexican and unique there are plenty things that can make your wedding just the way you want it.

First, of course you need to pick the perfect wedding dress for you. As you can see from the pictures above there are many different types of wedding dresses you can choose from.

Your wedding dress can be strictly traditional, simple and beautiful or it can be very much like the elegant western wedding gown but with the traditional Mexican touch, or it can be something in between.

Everything about your wedding dress is important but the most important thing is that you feel really special in your wedding dress and that it represents your personality.

Mexican Wedding Dresses

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