Traditional Mexican Costumes

About Traditional Mexican Costumes

Traditional Mexican costumes are very colorful and beautiful.

They come in many different colors and shapes which mean that there is a Mexican costume for everyone.

Even though there is a debate over what are truly authentic Mexican costumes (whether is it Mayan or Spanish influenced clothing), we chose a pragmatic and an eclectic approach which is that whatever Mexicans traditionally were wearing is, in fact, traditional Mexican clothing.

In other wards when you see someone dressed in certain way and that makes you think Mexico that means that that individual is wearing authentic Mexican costume.

Traditional Mexican Fiesta Costumes

Big part of traditional Mexican culture are famous Mexican fiestas that take place during certain holidays such as the Mexican’s independence day. A side from traditional Mexican music, dancing and great Mexican food the big part of Mexican fiestas are the authentic Mexican costumes.

During fiestas women wear long, colorful and beautiful dresses with low heal shoes. These dresses are truly remarkable due to their colors, and even though those colors are usually in contrast they make a perfect combination and the dresses look great.

These costumes are at the same time Mexican dance costumes because there is no individual, especially female, that doesn’t dance during fiesta.

Men’s Mexican fiesta (dance) costumes consist of long trousers which are decorated with traditional Mexican bright trims, a long sleeve shirt, and ribbon bolero tie, a short jacket with bright color, a sash and a traditional Mexican hat called Sombrero.

A Sash (a cloth belt) is far from being only a Mexican clothing tradition however that doesn’t change the fact that it is an essential part of men’s traditional Mexican costumes. Of course it is not mandatory but if you want to look as an authentic Mexican you should consider wearing it.

Traditional Mexican Peasant Lady

Mexican peasant lady costume consists of a Pueblo dress (also known as Boho dress and Mexican peasant dress), or a women’s shirt with short sleeves, long skirt and the Rebozo.

Traditional Mexican peasant dress is characterized with loose fit, short sleeves, and beautiful embroidery. This dress is usually white with colorful embroidery. However this doesn’t mean that you cannot find it in any other color because Mexico is a very colorful country that has much diversity; among which are different colors of traditional costumes in different parts of Mexico.

Rebozo can be added to almost all female Mexican costumes especially those that portray Mexican peasant girl. The rebozo is a rectangular peace of fabric that can be used as a scarf or a shawl or you can cover your head with it which is very traditional Mexican thing to do.

Rebozo can vary in size (length) from 1m to 3m and it is worn as a fashionable detail by the rich Mexican women or a very practical peace of clothing that is used to carry children or groceries by the Mexican peasant women. This is why Rebozo can cost anywhere between few dollars and few hundreds of dollars.

Traditional Mexican Poncho Costume

All men that look for a cool costume and want to make an impression should choose a Poncho costume because as one Mexican said: If you want to look macho you need a poncho.

This costume is simple and yet very interesting. Also it is one of the most traditional Mexican costumes you can find. It consists of a simple trouser and long sleeves shirt which you already have in your closet however what you don’t have is a Poncho and a Sombrero.

Poncho is a single peace of decorated fabric with a center opening for the head. It is a trademark of Mexico as well as the Sombrero which is a hat with large brim.

Traditional Mexican CostumesTraditional Mexican Costumes

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