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Traditional Mexican Drink

The most famous traditional Mexican drink is Tequila.

Tequila is agave based drink that usually contains 38 - 40% of alcohol.

Agave plant grows primarily in Mexican State of Jalisco near city of Tequila and in some other areas of Mexico.




However, the most important region of tequila drink is definitely the highlands of Jalisco.

In the last decades tequila became very popular drink across the World. There is no continent where people don’t enjoy tequila’s specific flavor. This caused the “invention” of numerous ways of drinking tequila.

Outside of Mexico tequila is usually served with salt and a slice of lemon or cinnamon and slice of orange. Interesting thing is that in Mexico tequila is most often drunk straight. As traditional Mexicans would say “Tequila is a man’s drink and a man doesn’t need salt to lessen the burn”.

When tequila is served with salt and slice of lemon it is drunk in this order: first you lick your hand below your index finger, than you pour salt on it and lick it again, after all this licking you drink tequila and quickly bite the slice of lemon.

Anyhow, whether you prefer your tequila straight or with salt and lemon you will enjoy a good drink (or drinks); and, if in company of interesting people, you will have fun provided of course that you don’t drive. Very important to emphasize: do not drink and drive.

If by some miracle you don’t find tequila tasteful while everybody else around you enjoys it, there is no reason to despair because there are more than 900 brands of tequila! So be patient and don’t try all of them at the same time because you wouldn’t survive it. Thus take your time.

Also you should know that tequila can be mixed with almost every other drink. However, the most tasteful tequila based cocktails are a mix of tequila and certain fruit juice such as orange juice. So if you feel adventures you can start making cocktails and really spice up your party.

If you try all the above and you still don’t like tequila you should probably take it as a sign that tequila is not for you. However, luckily for you traditional Mexican culture of alcohol beverages is quite rich and offers you, among many tasteful cocktails, very good beer.

Mexico has world – class beers and the best proof of this is that Mexican beer is taking over the world just as the most famous traditional Mexican drink - Tequila did.

The most famous Mexican beer brads are Corona, Corona Light and Soul. However, there are many other Mexican beer brands that are just as good. Some of them are: Superior, Indio, Noche Buena, Tecate, Negra Modelo, Modelo Light, Modelo Especial and so on.

Traditional Mexican Non Alcoholic soft Drinks

Maybe you don’t like alcohol drinks all together? If so, there are numerous Mexican non alcoholic drinks you can choose from. Non alcoholic cocktails are healthy, fun, tasty, and you can have as many as you like and still drive yourself home safely.

Refreshing Mexican non alcoholic drinks are very popular in Mexico and in the United States. They are easily prepared and very tasteful. Children especially enjoy these traditional Mexican drinks and that is why there are many kid recipes for Mexican drinks.

In conclusion, there are many types of traditional Mexican drinks that you can choose from to make your evening, date, dinner or party special and fun. So, make your choice and have a great time.


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