Traditional Mexican Food

Traditional Mexican Food

My Experience with Traditional Mexican Food

I have been a fan of Mexican food for a very long time, which is over 20 years.

We, in United States, have numerous Mexican restaurants all over the country, and thank God for that because Mexican cuisine is very tasteful, and with various flavors and spices.

I love spicy food, which is probably one of the main reasons why I love the Mexican food in the first place. Mexicans have many different types of spices or different kinds of Chili powders, as Mexicans like to call it.

My favorite chili powder is the Chipotle, which is used to make Mexican Adobo sauce (great sauce, you have to try it). Other very good Mexican chili powders are the cilantro, cumin, anocho and many others.

If you like hot food, but not too spicy, there is nothing to worry about because there is more than one Mexican chili powder which is medium hot, but very piquant, such as the pasilla chili powder.

Tex-Mex food, in general, was my favorite food until I visited Mexico for the first time. Ive been in many Mexican restaurants in U.S and believed that I knew all about the Mexican food.

I even bragged about it frequently. Of course I was more than wrong, and remembering about it makes me feel embarrassed.

Anyways, my first trip to Mexico opened my eyes, and I realized that the traditional Mexican food is so different than the one served back home.

I couldnt even believe the difference in taste of certain Mexican meals that are called the same, in Mexico and United States, but in reality had almost nothing in common.

Mexicans use mostly fresh ingredients in their authentic cuisine. The way they prepare their food is unique and different from the way the food is prepared in most of the Mexican restaurants in United States.

In short, the authentic Mexican food is low in fat and calories (which is not the case with Mexican food served in U.S) and rich in vitamins and minerals.

This is the reason why Mexican food is so healthy and good for us. Therefore, next time you go to the Mexican restaurant in U.S. make sure they serve you the authentic Mexican food because it tastes better and youll live longer.

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