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Traditional Mexican Games Overview

Traditional Mexican games are not just fun and great way to spend your time with your family and friends but they can also be educational.

There are Mexican games for children as well as for the adults.

The Mexican game that little children seem to enjoy the most is called “Stealing the Sombrero”, and one of the most popular Mexican games that the adults enjoy, as well as older children, is Mexican Loteria Card Game.

Mexican Party Games for Kids

Children really enjoy traditional Mexican games especially when they are played in large groups. These games are dynamic, fun and harmless.

Stealing the Sombrero

First you need a sombrero for each kid. This is not a problem because you can make them very quickly and in no time. The only thing you need is paper and scotch tape and if you really want to go an extra mile you can color them in different colors.

However keep in mind than the “life expectancy” of these sombreros is very short. It is that short that it is considered to be a success if they last for more than five rounds of the game. Therefore you should make an extra sombrero for each child because otherwise you are risking having children without the sombrero when they want it the most; and you know what that means.

Anyhow, once you have the sombreros you need to attach them in the safe way to children’s backs and play a Mexican music which marks the beginning of the game.

While the music plays, children should attempt to take the sombrero off of each others backs without loosing their own sombreros. Once the music stops the first round is over and every child that is without a sombrero is out. The rounds continue until there are only two children with sombrero left and both of them are winners.

Mexican Hat Dance for Children

Being the national dance of Mexico, Mexican hat dance game is one of the most popular traditional Mexican games for children. The purpose of this game is not to really teach the children Mexican hat dance steps but rather to give them an opportunity to enjoy Mexican music and try dancing to it.

If you have Mexican hat dance music that is great however If you don’t that’s just all right. You can use any mariachi music and the children will love it.

First, have the children form a circle while holding hands, then play the music and instruct them to move clockwise while singing to the music and rising their hands.

Then you will call child’s name that should come to the center of the circle and do a dance. You need to repeat this with every child until all the children have been in a circle.

Mexican Loteria Card Game

Mexican loteria is a very interesting and fun traditional Mexican game that is played all across the Mexico. This Mexican game of chance is similar to “bingo” and that is why it is played in similar way as bingo, however there are some important differences.

The main difference is that Mexican loteria game is using images on a deck of cards instead of plain numbers on ping pong balls. Each of colorful cards has an image of popular Mexican individuals or images, which is why Spanish teachers frequently use this Mexican game to teach Spanish to their students.

The caller randomly selects a card form the deck and, traditionally, instead of announcing it to the players by its name makes up a rime about the image or a riddle.

Traditional Mexican Games

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