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Magic of Traditional Mexican Music

Traditional Mexican music is diverse and very rich. It has long history and it represents a never-ending source of positive energy, joy and comfort.

Music is a big part of Mexico and Mexican way of living.

Mexican men often serenade their women or hire trios of mariachi to do it for them.

Mariachi and all other types of street musicians commonly called buskers can be found all around Mexico and they are a big tourist attraction.

Mexico is the land of music and dance because whenever there is a celebration there is music and dancing, including national holidays such as Mexican Independence Day and other holidays such as Mother’s Day.

Imagine a national holiday at your home country that looks like a huge party. If you find it hard to imagine something like that than you should definitely take a trip to Mexico and experience what it is like to have the entire nation dancing to the music and celebrating.

Traditional Mexican Music Bands

Probably the two most representative types of the traditional Mexican bands that play traditional Mexican music are the Mariachi and Banda.

Banda is a traditional Mexican band that usually consists of somewhere between 10 and 20 members. Most musicians in this type of Mexican band play brass instruments such as trumpets, slide trombones, sousaphones, etc.

A side from musicians Banda has a lead singer, a second voice and sometimes even a third voice. All this makes a Banda a complex band that can carry any tune with great harmony and lots of emotions.

Bandas can play more than one type of music (including rock) and a wide variety of songs however rancheras are what they are most famous for.

Mariachi, a true trademark of Mexico, is a type of band that consists of at least three musicians. These musicians wear traditional Mexican costumes that consist of trousers that are decorated with bright trims, short jackets, boots, and large sombreros (a traditional Mexican hat with large brim).

Even though a proper mariachi band should consist of at least one Spanish guitar, one guitarron, one vihuela, two trumpets and three violins Mariachi trios are the most famous and most popular.

Trios of Mariachis are very frequently hired by Mexican men to serenade their sweethearts. Mexican women enjoy this gesture and if you want to make a Mexican woman feel really special you should not think twice what you should do.

Bigger mariachi bends are usually hired to play at the weddings, birthday celebrations, and many other occasions alike. Mariachi bands are almost inseparable from all types of Mexican celebrations including formal occasions and Mexican national holidays.

Types of Traditional Mexican Music

Ranchera is the music associated with the rural parts of Mexico that has been around for many years. It is music of Mexican ranchers hens the name ranchera. Ranchera’s songs are mostly about nature, love, patriotism and religion in other wards they are very pro-life.

Ranchera music doesn’t have only one rhythm but is comprised of many types of music such as polka, bolero, waltz, etc. This unique and special integration of different types of music is a true musical (cultural) fusion.

Mexican Son appeared in the early seventeen century and represents a fusion of Spanish, indigenous and African traditions. This is another very colorful type of Mexican music that is very popular in rural parts of Mexico.

Mexican Hat Dance Music

Mexican Hat Dance, known as the national dance of Mexico, tells the story of love and courtship. Mexican Hat Dance music is composed in the 19th century by Lesus Gonzales Rubio who was a professor of music in Guadalajara.

Traditional Mexican Music

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